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Title: 使用吸濕速乾纖維散熱以提升R-410A分離式冷氣機性能研究
Use moisture wicking fiber evapotranspiration to enhance performance of R-410A split air conditioner
Authors: 莫懷恩
Mo, Huai-En
Chen, Wei-Han
Keywords: R-410A分離式冷氣機
R410A split air conditioners
Moisture transferring and quick drying textiles (MTQDT)
Coefficient of performance (COP)
Energy efficiency ratio (EER)
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究旨在利用吸濕速乾纖維,藉以提昇R-410A分離式冷氣機的性能,其主要方法為運用吸濕速乾纖維的蒸發冷卻效果,以降低壓縮機溫度並達成研究目的。實驗以相同室內條件與不同外氣條件溫度(30±1°C 、35±1°C及40±1°C)進行性能測試,結果顯示,吸濕速乾纖維能成功運用於R-410A分離式冷氣機。在30、35與40°C環境溫度下,它能降低壓縮機出口溫度7.5%、7.4及6.2%,提昇系統性能係數(COP)20.68%、18.3%及17.69%,以及增加能源效率比(EER)4.39%、6.42%及4.87%。
This study aimed to enhance the performance of R-410A split air conditioner by using moisture transferring and quick drying textiles (MTQDT). The main method is decreased compressor temperature through evaporative cooling effect of the MTQDT and achieved the purpose of this study. We went on performance measurement using the same indoor load and the different ambient temperature (30±1°C, 35±1°C and 40±1°C). The results show that the MTQDT can successfully apply in a R410A split air conditioner. In the ambient temperature of 30°C, 35°C and 40°C, it prove that the compressor outlet temperature is reduced by 7.5%, 7.4% and 6.2%, the COP is improved by 20.68, 18.3% and 17.69%, and the EER is raised by 4.39%, 6.42% and 4.87%.
Other Identifiers: G060470027H
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