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Title: 場地獨立認知風格透過網路認知失誤、認知焦慮影響高職生學習成效之相關研究:以記憶大考驗遊戲為例
A Study of Field Independent Affects Learning Effectiveness with Vocational School Students through Internet Cognitive Failure and Cognitive Anxiety:A Case Study of Challenge Your Memory
Authors: 洪榮昭
Hong, Jon-Chao
Tsai, Ming-Chun
Keywords: 場地獨立認知風格
Field independent
Internet cognitive failure
Cognitive anxiety
Learning effectiveness
Memory Strategy
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究主要探討場地獨立認知風格透過網路認知失誤與認知焦慮在高職生學習成效上是否具有影響,以及使用記憶策略對不同性別、年級或科系的學生之學習成效是否具有干擾效果。為達到研究目的,本研究採用問卷調查法,包含藏圖測驗、知覺速度與確度、記憶策略調查及網路認知失誤、認知焦慮等五點量表問卷構面。主要研究對象為臺北市公私高級職業學校的在校學生,預試階段共有126位參與,而正式研究施測共有324位參與,經刪除無效問卷後,共有260份有效問卷可作為資料分析依據。本研究採用描述性統計、變異數分析、一階驗證式因素分析、信效度檢驗、路徑分析、相關分析及結構方程模式等來進行資料分析。 本研究結果發現(1) 場地獨立認知風格程度對網路認知失誤有顯著的負相關。(2) 網路認知失誤對認知焦慮有顯著的正相關。(3)場地獨立認知風格程度對認知焦慮有顯著的負相關。(4) 認知焦慮對學習成效有顯著的負相關。(5) 場地獨立認知風格經由網路認知失誤和認知焦慮與學習成效為正相關。(6) 使用記憶策略對不同性別、不同科系的學生之學習成效具有干擾效果,但對不同年級的學生之學習成效不具有干擾效果。
The study is focus on field independent affects students’ learning effectiveness through internet cognitive failure and cognitive anxiety, and using memory strategy to interfere students with different background on learning effectiveness. This study adopted questionair for collecting datas, including aroup embedded figures Test, perceived speed and accuracy, memory strategy, internet cognitive failure and cognitive anxiety. Totaling 324 Students from vocational school in Taipei participated in this study. There are 260 effective samples in this study. Analyzed data methods include path analysis, chi-square test, structural equation modeling and analysis of variance. The results showed that (1) Field independent has negative impacts to internet cognitive failure. (2) Internet cognitive failure has positive impacts to cognitive anxiety. (3) Field independent has negative impacts to cognitive anxiety. (4) Cognitive anxiety has negative impacts to students’ learning effectiveness. (5) Field independent has positive impacts to students’ learning effectiveness through internet cognitive failure and cognitive anxiety. (6) Using memory strategy has interfered on students’ learning effectiveness through students’ background variables except grade.
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