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Title: 電控式並聯複合動力機車系統設計與實車驗證
System design and dynamometer verification of electronically controlled parallel hybrid motorcycle system
Authors: 呂有豐
Lue, Yeou-Feng
Hung, Yi-Hsuan
Hasio, Wei-Ting
Keywords: 輪毂馬達
Wheel motor
Parallel-serial hybrid scooter
Rule Based control
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究之車輛為電控並聯複合動力速可達機車,引擎為山葉內勁戰一代化油器引擎及易維特機輪穀馬達車,本車完成混合動力機車之改裝分別為機械結構及電控結構。機械結構為輪榖馬達、單向軸承及可調排氣管;電控結構為:油門握把、加入快速雛型控制器、步進馬達、電子儀表。 系統建立電控握把為輸入端,而電控握把電壓命令條件下至之各項操作給予快速雛型控制器,經由Simulink/Stateflow整車控制,分配輸出給予步進馬達、啟動繼電器及輪毂馬達,能使本車在各種模式下皆能完成純電動模式及混合動力模式整車控制器規則庫控制與軟硬體整合。 實車透過底盤動力計、廢氣分析儀進行動態測試驗證行駛ECE-40行車型態。分別測定純電動、引擎與混合動力模式,測得混合動力輸出之單趟能耗為543.291KJ,優於傳統汽油引擎的1549.550KJ。此一改裝不僅留有引擎車高功率輸出之優勢,更保有電動車節能的特性,且具有怠速熄火的節能效果,能作為節能混合動力車輛之參考。
The vehicle discussed in the study focuse on the electronically controlled parallel hybrid motorcycle. It consists of the carburetor engine of YAMAHA Cygnus one and wheel motor of EVT technology. This kind of vehicle achieved a blance between hybrid vehicles. One is the structures of the machine and the other one is the structures of electric control. The former are wheel motor, stieber, and adjustable exhaust pipe and the latter are handlebars, rapid prototyping controllers, a stepper motor, and electronic instruments. The system established electronically controlled handlebars as the beginning of input. According to the command of the voltage of electronically controlled handlebars, it could deliver each operation to the rapid prototyping controllers. Then, through VCU control strategy, it outputs the power to the stepper motor, then launches the relay and wheel motor, so that the vehicle is capable of finishing pure electronic mode and the rule based control of VCU control strategy of hybrid mode and the integrations of software and hardware. The end result is examined by dynamic testing so as to test and the movement of vehicles of type of ECE-40 through chassis dynamometer and the monitor of industrial waste gas. It detected electronic, engine and hybrid mode. The results of the test were the single-trip energy consumption of hybrid mode output, which was 1549.550KJ, superior to the performance of traditional gasoline engine. The improvements not only hold the advantage of its competitive power output but also feature the energy-saving nature of electric vehicles. It also makes a contribution to solving the problems caused by idling stop as well.
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