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Title: 添加奈米氧化鋁於四行程機車機油中引擎性能影響之研究
The study on the influence of engine performance regarding to four-stroke motorcycle engine oil by using nano alumina
Authors: 呂有豐
Keywords: 奈米氧化鋁
Nano alumina
Brownian motion
Grinding-run test
Fuel consumption(km/L)
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本實驗研究針對四行程機車,添加奈米氧化鋁於原廠指定使用的機油中,研究機車在運行時的燃料消耗率(km/L)及排放廢氣污染排放的情況做為實驗成果的效益評估。本研究先將添加奈米氧化鋁的機油,經由基礎性質量測及磨潤試驗評估後,總共試驗了0、0.5、1.5、2.5 wt.%的奈米氧化鋁機油,最後選定綜效表現較佳的1.5 wt.%奈米氧化鋁機油,在磨潤試驗中,添加1.5 wt.% 的奈米氧化鋁顆粒機油相較無添加奈米氧化鋁的機油,綜效平均降低8.37 % 的磨耗量,而在ECE-40行車型態、爬坡度、定速測試等燃料消耗率(km/L)測試,實驗結果顯示,添加奈米氧化鋁粉的機油,在ECE-40行車型態的燃料消耗率測試,平均增加了2.69 %的燃油效耗率,定油門開度測試綜效平均增加3.87 %燃料消耗率,爬坡度測試綜效平均增加2.59 % 的燃油效耗率。實驗利用奈米顆粒在機油運作中受到布朗運動影響,使得奈米顆粒彼此碰撞的機會增加,提升熱傳導效應,藉此提高引擎運轉效率進而降低燃料消耗率。在未來將可以測試更多不同種類的奈米顆粒或是將奈米顆粒直接添加於運行的燃料中,測試其對於機車燃料消耗率的影響效益。 關鍵字:奈米氧化鋁、布朗運動、磨潤試驗、燃料消耗率(km/L)
This study for four-stroke motorcycles, nano-alumina powder added to the original name of the used oil in the fuel consumption rate at runtime Locomotive emissions and pollutant emissions as a benefit assessment of the outcome of the experiment. In this study, the first to add oil nano-alumina powder after foundation of quality by measuring and grinding Run test assessment, a total of tested 0,0.5,1.5,2.5 wt.% Of the nano-alumina oil, the final selection of synergy performance Preferably, 1.5% wt.% alumina nano oil, in mill-run test, adding 1.5 wt.% of the nano-alumina particles of oil compared to no added nano-alumina particles of oil, an average of 8.37% synergy The amount of wear, and in the ECE-40 driving patterns, climbing, fixed speed testing fuel consumption test results show, add oil nano-alumina, in ECE-40 driving patterns of fuel consumption test. The average increase of 2.69 %of the fuel consumption efficiency rate, given the synergies throttle opening test increased by an average 3.87 %, climbing to test the synergy of an average increase of 2.59 % fuel consumption efficiency rate. The opportunity to test the use of nano-particles are subjected to Brownian motion effect in oil operations, so that nano-particles collide with each other to increase, enhance the effect of heat conduction, thereby improving the operation efficiency of the engine and thus reduce fuel consumption. In the future will be able to test a greater variety of nano-particles or nano-particles will be added directly to the fuel running, tested for locomotive fuel consumption. Keywords: Nano alumina, Brownian motion, Grinding-run test, Fuel consumption(km/L).
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