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Title: R410A窗型冷氣機節能之研究
The Energy Saving Study of R410A Room Air Conditioner
Authors: 莫懷恩
Mo, Huai-En
Shen, Jia-Yong
Keywords: 窗型冷氣機
Room Air-Conditioner
Coefficient of performance
Energy Efficiency Ratio
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 能源大量的消耗,導致日益顯著的溫室效應與全球氣候變遷,造成人類生活環境的嚴重威脅。如何提昇空調設備的能源效率比(Energy efficiency ratio, EER),實為當前急需解決的問題。 若將機能性纖維包覆於壓縮機外殼,使用系統之冷凝水進行蒸發冷卻,藉以降低壓縮機之產生熵,便可提升冷氣機性能,達成節能之目的。 本研究成功驗證機能性纖維應用於R410A窗型冷氣機,可提高系統性能,達到節能的效果。研究結果顯示,壓縮機包覆纖維後,冷氣總消耗功率下降4.7%,冷凍能力上升2.5%;COP大幅提升14.1%、EER則提升7.5%。
Large energy consumption is caused global climate change and the greenhouse effect significant increased, they pose a serious threat in the human living environment. They are the current urgent problems how to improve the energy efficiency ratio (EER) of air conditioning equipment. This study aimed to reduce the power consumption of compressor and to increase the EER of R410A room air conditioner. The main method is decreased compressor temperature through evaporative cooling effect of the functional fibers, to achieve the purpose of this study. The functional fibers can successfully apply in R410A room air conditioner, it proved to decrease the entropy generation in compression process, improve system performance, and achieve energy-saving. The results show that the total power consumption is reduced by 4.7%, the cooling capacity is increased by 2.5%, the Coefficient of Performance (COP) is improved by 14.1%, and the EER is raised by 7.5%.
Other Identifiers: G060270035H
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