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Title: 以知識地圖與S-P表建構線上診斷系統—以基本電學課程為例
Apply Knowledge Map and S-P Chart to Construct an Online Diagnostic System-An Example of the Basic Electricity.
Authors: 戴建耘
Li, Cheng-An
Keywords: 基本電學線上測驗系統
Base on-line examination system
Computer Based Tests
Knowledge Map
Remedial Teaching
S-P Chart
Information System Success Model
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 測驗與評估是學習的重要步驟,以往的測驗系統是由學生的測驗分數來決定學生的學習成效,老師無法針對學生的成績給予學習建議。因此,本研究發展出基本電學知識地圖做為學習參考,透過知識地圖讓學習者了解基本電學知識結構,學習新知識前能確認是否保有先備知識概念。 本研究以知識地圖與S-P表分析法做為理論基礎,將知識地圖與S-P表分析理論建構於「基本電學線上學習測評與診斷分析系統」。本研究以Aptana Studio 3網頁整合開發環境,運用HTML、JavaScript、JQuery、MySQL、PHP及CSS等程式語言進行系統開發。 本系統在測驗後能將學生的答題結果做診斷與推論,分析給予學生可能缺乏的先備知識,使學生能有效地針對自己缺乏的先備知識做學習的補強。另外,本系統依據S-P診斷分析理論,針對學生測驗時的答題情況做診斷分析,計算學生得分百分比與學生注意係數,再根據兩項數值將每位學生學習情況給予分類,以供教師作為補救教學參考依據,提升基本電學學習成效。
This thesis is using Knowledge Map as the fundamental to construct an On-Line examination system of the Basic Electricity for the students who study Electrical Engineering in the vocational high schools. The Aptana Studio 3 was taken as the web integration development environment to adopt HTML、JavaScript、JQuery、MySQL、PHP and CSS etc. programs to develop this On-Line examination system. Examination and assessment both are the im-portant steps of learning for the students. In the past, their learning effect was assessed by the scores from examination only. However the teachers could not give any suggestion to improve their learning effect based on those scores. Therefore, this system will provide Knowledge Map of the Basic Electricity as the learning reference for the students. Through it, the students will understand the basic knowledge of Electrical Engineering much easily. Also they will understand what kind of prior knowledge they should equip before learning a new technology. The feature of this system is not only it can calculate the students’ scores immediately after examination, but also it will diagnose, assess and analogize the learning effect from students’ answers to suggest them to improve the prior knowledge they are lacking to increase their learning ability efficiently.
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