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Title: 以時間序列及相關性來分析學生過度自信的特質、後設認知、學習態度及學習成效:以思辨雲的校正學習為例
Using time series and correlation to analyze student’s over-confidence, metacognition, learning attitude and learning performance based on inquary science learning with calibration
Authors: 洪榮昭
Hong, Jon-Chao
Wang, Chun-Chih
Keywords: 探究式教學法
inquiry teaching
cloud platform
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 近年在政策上的推動,探究式教學法強調學生面對情境的問題解決探究歷程,也重視學生是否能夠培養出自我校正學習的能力;希望學生透過科學探究與討論的過程能夠整合已知的知識,且在遭遇問題的時候也能夠調整思考的邏輯以及研究的方法。 本研究希望探討將探究教學法融入雲端教學平台是否能對於學生的自然科學學習成效、學習校正狀況產生影響;並探討學生過度自信的特質與其後設認知、學習態度及學習成效之關聯性。因此配合行政院科技部補助之研究計畫所開發之小學四年級自然科學教材以及思辨雲導入教學,並以時間序列、差異性、結構方程模型等分析方式去驗證研究假設內容。 本研究結果發現(1)探究式學習歷程能夠幫助學生提升自然科學課程學習表現。(2)探究式學習歷程能夠幫助學生科學學習校正成長。(3)學生之自然科學學習校正成長性在不同特性單元有顯著差異,且推理性單元的科學思辨成長性顯著高於記憶性單元的科學思辨成長性。(4)學生的過度自信特質與科學學習之後設認知有顯著的正相關。(5)學生的雲端學習之學習態度與自然科學測驗成績有顯著的正相關。(6)科學學習之後設認知與自然科學測驗成績有顯著的正相關。
In recent years, with promoting the policy, inquiring learning is emphasized on the problem-solving process which students faced to specific situations, also pay attention on students’ learning calibration. Through discussion and sharing can help students to integrate knowledge, also adjust thinking logic, research methods. In this study, we’d like to discuss whether inquiry teachering with cloud platform would help students’ learning effect and learning calibration. We also investigated whether their over-confidence affects metacognition and learning attitude reflet their learning effect. With the science textbooks and cloud platform for elementary school 4th grade student which developed in MOST project. Using time series, differences, and structural equation modeling analysis to verify research hypotheses. The results of the study found that (1) Inquiry learning course can help students enhance the performance of natural science courses. (2) Inquiry learning course can help students enhance the scientific calibration. (3) Sciences critical thinking growth of students have significant differences in different types of units, and the growth in reasoning units is higher than the growth in memory units. (4) The characteristics of students’ overconfidence have significant positive correlation to students’ learning metacognition. (5) Students’ learning attitude in cloud platform has significant positive correlation to the score of science tests. (6) Students’ learning metacognition of has significant positive correlation to the score of science tests.
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