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Title: 十二年國民基本教育技術型高中免試入學設計群學生學習動機、學習態度與學業成就關係之研究
A Study of the Relationship among Learning Motivation, Attitude, and Academic Achievement of the Design Majored Students with Exam-free Admission in Technical High School for 12-year Basic Education
Authors: 李懿芳
Lee, Yi-Fang
Lai, Cheng-An
Keywords: 免試入學
exam-free admission
learning motivation
learning attitude
academic achievement
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討十二年國教採用不同免試入學管道的技術型高中設計群學生學習動機、學習態度與學業成就之現況及差異,並且上述變項之間的相關性及 對於學業成就的預測力。為達研究目的本研究採問卷調查法,以修編之「十二年國教免試入學學生學習動機與學習態度問卷」為研究工具,內容共分為三部分:「學生背景」、「學習動機」及「學習態度」。研究對象為103學年度基北區技術型高中設計群透過免試入學管道(含一免及二免)入學之學生,採分層叢集抽樣方法方式進行,取得有效問卷376份。依據資料分析結果,獲得研究結論如下:一、經由一免與二免進入技術型高中設計群學生普遍具有良好的學習動機與態度;二、經由一免與二免進入技術型高中設計群學生有相近的學習動機、學習態度與學業成就;三、十二年國教免試入學技術型高中設計群學生之學習動機、學習態度與學業成就之間具高度相關;四、十二年國教技術型高中設計群學生學習動機能有效預測學業成就。
This study investigated the learning motivation, attitude, and achievement of design group students with exam-free admissions in technical high schools within the context of 12-year basic education. Whether students from different accesses of exam-free admission perform similarly or not in terms of above mentioned variables was examined, as well as their correlations and predictive power on academic achievement. A survey– “The Questionnaire of Learning Motivation and Attitude for Exam-free Admission Students in 12-Year Basic Education” was modified to collect data by using a stratified cluster sampling strategy. Participants includeddesign majored students who enrolled in technical high schools through exam-free admission in 2014 in the Keelung& Taipei Area (n=376). The results were as follows: (1) learning motivation and attitude of the students who were enrolled through 1st and 2nd exam-free admissions were generally good; (2) students from 1st and 2nd exam-free admissions had close learning motivation, attitude, and achievement; (3) the learning motivation, attitude, and achievement were highly correlated; (4) the learning motivation could effectively predict the learning achievement.
Other Identifiers: G060170004H
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