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Title: 乳化燃料添加不同比例奈米Al2O3之柴油引擎性能研究
Study of the effect using different proportions of Nano-Al2O3 emulsion fuel in Diesel Engine Performance
Authors: 呂有豐
Hung,Yi- Huan
Keywords: 奈米流體
emulsified fuel
diesel engine
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究主要在研發奈米添加劑於柴油乳化燃料,藉以提升柴油引擎的性能。針對此一問題,將採用直接混合法製造不同重量濃度的奈米Al2O3流體。奈米Al2O3具有較佳的懸浮特性,比較不易發生阻塞與磨損管路的問題。接著將不同濃度的Al2O3/Water奈米流體與市售柴油調配最佳比例的奈米高效能柴油乳化燃料,作為柴油引擎使用之奈米柴油乳化燃料。接著針對該流體的物化性質如熱值、密度、動黏度、潤滑性與HLB值等基本特性進行分析,並探討不同掺配比例奈米添加劑於柴油乳化燃料穩定性之影響。 最後再實際以動力計,進行柴油引擎試驗,藉以評估各種不同濃度奈米添加劑柴油乳化燃料的引擎性能與排放特性。實驗結果顯示無論在BSFC、Smoke濃度值、HC濃度值、NOx濃度值和EGT值,均較不加任何奈米Al2O3的水乳化柴油低,故由實驗證明,在水乳化柴油中,添加適當比例的奈米Al2O3,對柴油引擎廢氣的排放減低有顯著的效果。
The purpose of this study is to research and produce a high performance emulsion fuel for biodiesel containing nanoadditives, which can be used on the existent diesel engines for performance improvement. In this work, research will be held on direct synthesis method to produce Al2O3/water nanofluid. According to the previous study, Al2O3 has the better performance of suspension, so it has fewer problems for Al2O3 to be used in nanofluids. This Al2O3/water nanofluid will be mixed with commercial biodiesl for the solutions of optimum proportions, which are used as nanoadditives emulsion fuel for diesel engine vehicle. Next, the fundamental physicochemical properties of the emulsions, including calorific value, density, kinematic viscosity,lubricity and HLB values will be measured, analyzed and evaluated for the performance of nanoadditive biodiesel emulsion fuel property. The present work attempts to study the effect factors of stability of emulsion fuel by investigating the influence of adding Al2O3 nanoparticles to biodiesel, in order to confirm the emulsionfication performance and practicability. In the other work, the investigations are carried out to study the performance, emission, and combustion characteristics of a single cylinder diesel engine using biodiesel, water–biodiesel emulsion fuel, and the alumina nanofluid blended biodiesel emulsion fuels. The operating characteristics of diesel engines with dynamometer performance testing will be measured, which in including bsfc, bmep and emissions(NOx and smoke) will be measured, analyzed and evaluated for the performance of nanoadditive biodiesel emulsion fuels for diesel engine application.
Other Identifiers: G060070038H
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