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Title: 大專校院教師規劃就業學程知覺之研究
Research on Teachers’ Perception of Designing “School to Work” Programs at Universities and Colleges
Authors: 徐昊杲
Keywords: 大專校院
Universities and Colleges
School to Work Program
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本研究旨在探究大專校院實施就業學程規劃教師之知覺研究。期能規劃就業學程內涵,並了解規劃教師知覺,以提供大專校院實施就業學程時,可參考本研究內涵進行規劃。   本研究之研究方法,採文獻探討、問卷調查的方式,藉以使本研究能蒐集相關重要資訊加以分析、探討,期能達成本研究之研究目的。   本研究的研究對象是針對本(93)年度實施就業學程的85所大專校院的373個學程規劃教師實施問卷調查,其中獲得有效問卷231份。   本研究獲得的重要結論為大專校院實施就業學程之內涵規劃及就業學程規劃教師對本規劃內涵之知覺。故將本研究規劃內涵之各階段,及規劃教師對本內涵之知覺分述如下: 一、學程規劃內涵之各階段:第一階段:成立學程組織;第二階段:學程情境分析;第三階段:學程理念確立;第四階段:學程規劃設計;第五階段:學程執行實施;第六階段:學程評鑑回饋。 二、大專校院就業學程規劃教師對本學程規劃之知覺 大專校院就業學程規劃教師對本學程規劃之知覺,均高度傾向同意,故大專校院在實施就業學程時,可參考本研究規劃就業學程。 關鍵字:大專校院、學程、就業學程、知覺
The purpose of this study was to explore the perception aspects of the coordinators and designers of the “School to Work” programs at colleges and universities in Taiwan. Based on the understanding of aspects of the people responsible for the programs, the study was expected to provide proper suggestions for “School to Work” program planning. The methodology of the study included literature reviewing, and questionnaire surveying with which the important information was gathered to make analyses and explorations for the goals of the study. As to research objects, questionnaires were delivered to 373 directors of “2004 School to Work” programs at 85 universities or colleges. And among them, 231 questions were valid. The main conclusion of this study was focused on the connotation of “School to Work Programs” and the perception of the people in charge toward the content of the program. The study of the program planning included several stages- stage1: planning the organization of the program, stage 2: analyzing the situation, stage 3: building the concepts of the program, stage4: designing the program, stage5: executing the program, stage 6 : evaluating The perception toward the program designing tended to agree and support. The study was expected to be helpful for the further study and practice. Keywords: Universities and Colleges, Program, School to Work Program, Perception
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