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Title: 我國水電從業人員職場技術能力之研究
The Study of Technical Competency for Plumbing and House-wiring Technicians in Taiwan
Authors: 許全守
HAU, Chuan-Shou
Lin Rong-Maw
Keywords: 水電從業人員
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 中文摘要 本研究旨在探討我國水電從業人員職場技術能力之內涵,以DACUM能力分析法發展「我國水電從業人員職場技術能力一覽表」,並藉重專家之職場實務經驗,評估各職責及各任務之重要性,做為發展單一技術課程之建議。研究並採行文件分析法,探討職業訓練機構之課程、能力本位教材,俾利對職業訓練機構擬定課程和發展教材,研提建議。本研究將主要結論摘述如下: 壹、在「我國水電從業人員職場技術能力」一覽表中,總計獲得職責項目十四項,任務項目七十五項。 貳、確認我國水電從業人員職場技術能力重要等級,職責列為重要等級有十二項。任務列為非常重要等級有七項,屬於重要等級五十三項,普通等級有十五項。 、研提職業訓練培訓水電從業人員之建議。 本研究之結果除可供企業訓練、職業訓練、技職教育之課程修訂及教學設計參考外,並可提供做為修訂技能檢定規範及職業標準分類之參考。 關鍵詞:水電從業人員、技術能力、能力分析、DACUM
Abstract This study is to discuss technical abilities for plumbing and house-wiring technicians. By using DACUM, this study developed a profile of “Technical Competency for Plumbing and House-wiring Technicians,” and evaluated the importance of each task through interviewing some practical experts. After sorting the weighted scores of importance, this study also offered suggestions about developing technical training courses. In addition, this study, by analyzing relative documents, commented courses in vocational training centers and competency-base training programs in order to offer suggestions about planning new training courses and developing teaching materials. Results of this study included as following. 1. Based on the profile of “Technical Competency for Plumbing and House-wiring Technicians,” fourteen duties seventy-five tasks were concluded. 2. The rank of importance scales related to technical competency for plumbing and house-wiring technicians was identified. Specifically, twelve duties were ranked as importance while two items were ranked as average level. Seven tasks were classified as quite importance, fifty-three tasks as importance, and fifteen tasks as average level. 3. Suggestions were offered vocational training institutes for plumbing and house-wiring technicians programs planned. KEYWORDS: Plumbing and house-wiring technicians, Technical ability, Capacity-analysis, DACUM
Other Identifiers: G00H2702207
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