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Title: 桃園縣國中技藝教育學程實施現況之研究
A study of technical art program for junior high school students in Taoyuan County
Authors: 田振榮
Keywords: 技藝教育
Practical Art Education
Technical Arts Educational Program
Learning Satisfaction
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 中文摘要 本研究的目的在了解桃園縣國中技藝教育學程在組織運作、教師教學、課程教材、設備器材、學生學習、經費運用等實施之現況。採用自編之「桃園縣國中技藝教育學程實施現況調查問卷」、「桃園縣國中技藝教育學程學生學習滿意度調查問卷」及「桃園縣國中技藝教育學程實施現況訪談大綱」為工具,以普查方式進行研究。有效問卷為:行政人員40份、任課教師55份,學生1095份,將獲得資料採用百分比、排序、平均數、次數分配、t考驗、單因子變異數分析、雪費法事後比較等統計方法分析,並與開放式問題及實地訪談資料作歸納整理。本研究獲得結論如下: 一、 桃園縣國中技藝教育學程的推動普遍受到重視,積極規畫推動事宜,成效良好。 二、 技藝教育學程在學生遴選、選修時數、開設職群數、編班方式、選修時間、辦理模式等措施均能依學生意願、學校環境、產業特性,審慎規劃,開辦2~4個職群,符合技藝教育改革方案的理念。 三、 就教師教學而言,師資以「高中職教師」最多,佔82.1%,國中教師兼任為次,佔12.8%;且有76.9%的教師具職群專業證照。 四、 就課程教材而言,任課教師大多能自行選編教材,因應學生學習的需求。 五、 就設備器材而言,場地規畫、設備教具及媒體等符合教學需求。 六、 就經費運用而言,政府提供技藝教育學程的補助,大體上充裕且能提昇技藝教育學程之效益,有利國中技藝教育學程之推展。 七、 就學生學習而言,其總體學習滿意度平均數為3.77,顯示桃園縣國中技藝教育學程學生學習滿意度高。 總之,桃園縣辦理國中技藝教育學程之現況而言,以學生意願及具技藝傾向學生為主,每學期至少開設二個以上職群供學生選修,且以合作式辦理為多,大體上技藝教育學程均能達成既定目標,且獲得支持與肯定,應繼續擴大推動。 依據前述之結論本研究擬定數項建議,提供桃園縣教育局及學校之參考。 關鍵字:技藝教育、技藝教育學程、學習滿意度
Abstract The purpose of this research aimed to understand the current implementation of junior high school Technical Arts Education Program in Taoyuan County in terms of organization function, teachers, curriculum materials, school facilities, student’s learning and budget usage. The data were collected comprehensively by means of “ The Interview Outline of Current Implementation of Technical Art Program in Junior High Schools in Taoyuan” and two self-edited questionnaires, respectively entitled “Current Implementation of Junior High School Technical Art Program in Taoyuan County” and “Learning Satisfaction of Junior High School Students in Technical Art Program in Taoyuan County.” One thousand one hundred and ninety effective questionnaires have returned, including 1095 from students, 55 from teachers and 40 from school administrators. The data obtained were statistically analyzed by percentage, ranking, mean value, frequency distribution, t-test, ANOVA and Scheffe’ method for posterior comparison. Together with data collected from open questions and face-to-face interviews, the results have been organized and concluded as follows. A) The implementation of Technical Arts Educational Program is highly valued in Taoyuan County. It was strongly promoted while being implemented and reached a beneficial effect. B) The Technical Arts Educational Program have been carefully planned and successfully set up 2- 4 career groups according to students’ willingness, school environment, industry characteristics in terms of students recruitment, selective hours, numbers of career groups to be set up, the way of dividing class, selective time, implementing measure, etc. This corresponds to the ideal concepts of the technical arts education reform plan and greatly benefits junior high school students. C) In respect of the teachers, 82.1 percent of them are “High school or Vocational School teachers” while 12. 8% are from “Junior High School”. Also, 76.9% of the teachers in this program possess the professional licenses of career groups. D) In respect of curriculum materials, teachers can generally select or compile teaching materials which reply to students’ need. E) In respect of school facilities, the planning of location, teaching materials and media are accorded with teaching requirements. F) In respect of budget usage, the subsidy provided by the government was ample in general and therefore enhance the efficacy of Technical Arts Educational Program, which in favor of the implementation and promotion of Junior High School Technical Arts Program. G) In respect of students’ learning, the mean of overall learning satisfaction of Technical Arts Educational Program is 3.77, which indicates that implementation of Technical Arts Educational Programs in Taoyuan County received a high contentment in students’ learning. As far as the current implementation of Technical Arts Educational Programs in Taoyuan County is concerned, at lease two career groups are offered for technique-inclined students per semester and students’ willingness is often taken into consideration. Usually conducted through cooperation, Technical Arts Educational Program has generally accomplished the goals fixed by the government and comprehensively received support and approval. It is recommended to expand this program continuously. The writer has provided some suggestions based on the conclusions which are drawn from this research in order to offer references for Taoyuan Educational Bureau and schools. Key Word: Practical Art Education, Technical Arts Educational Program,Learning Satisfaction
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