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Title: 台北市高級職業學校實施校務自我評鑑現況之研究
A Study on the Self-evaluation for Vocational High School in Taipei City
Authors: 李基常
Lee Ji-Charng
Cheng Li-Tang
Keywords: 高級職業學校
vocational high school
evaluation on school administration
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討台北市高級職業學校實施校務自我評鑑之現況,包括學校教育人員對校務自我評鑑目的正確之認知情形、辦理校務自我評鑑之現況及辦理校務自我評鑑過程所遭遇之困難與建議等,並根據研究結果研擬改進建議,提供學校及教育行政單位參考。 調查研究法為本研究之研究方法,使用問卷調查來蒐集量的資料,以台北市十八所高級職業學校及十所高中附設職業類科學校之教育人員為研究對象,問卷共發出588份,有效問卷422份,回收率71.77﹪,經SPSS 11.0 for Windows資料處理與分析後,獲得以下結論: 壹、在校務自我評鑑目的之認同方面,學校教育人員對這次校務自我評鑑目的有相當程度之認同。 貳、實施校務自我評鑑之現況方面 一、不同種類、性質之學校辦理自我評鑑前之宣導及準備,均為大部份達到。 二、不同種類、性質之學校辦理自我評鑑流程之項目,均為大部份達到。 三、不同種類、性質之學校對於結果處理與運用,均為大部份達到。 參、校務自我評鑑所遭遇之困難與改進建議方面 一、校務自我評鑑所遭遇之困難方面,學校教育人員認為實施所遭遇的困難不多,但最需提供辦理校務自我評鑑之具體誘因。 二、校務自我評鑑實施之改進建議方面,對實施校務自我評鑑之改進建議,均獲得78.0﹪以上之填答者認同,表示這八項均為當前急需改善之項目。
The purpose of this study is to investigate the self-evaluation on school administration by senior vocational schools in Taipei City, including educators’ recognition of the purposes of self-evaluation, implementation of self-evaluation on school administration, the obstacles in the process of self-evaluation, and related suggestions. The suggestions for improvements were provided as a guideline to school and education administration bureaus. The research method adopted in this study included investigation research to collect data. The subjects were educators from 18 senior vocational schools and 10 high school affiliated vocational schools in Taipei City. A total of 588 questionnaires were sent, 422 were return; the valid return rate was 71.77%. SPSS 11.0 for Windows was used for data analysis. The results were as follows: 1. In terms of recognition of self-evaluation on school administration, school educators showed considerable degree of recognition. 2. In terms of the implementation of self-evaluation on school administration: 1) Most schools of various types and characteristics completed the promotion and preparation on self-evaluation. 2) Most schools of various types and characteristics completed the self-evaluation process. 3) Most schools of various types and characteristics completed the usage and application of self-evaluation process results. 3. In terms of the obstacles in the process of self-evaluation and related suggestions: 1) In terms of the obstacles, school educators believed that the amount of obstacles was low but specific incentive on self-evaluation was highly needed. 2) In terms of the improvement suggestions, 8 items were recognized by over 78.0% subjects on improvement, and proved those to be the improvements urgent to status quo.
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