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Title: 以顧客信任度為基礎之車用電腦研發策略
Customer-Trusted Based R&D Strategies for In-Vehicle Computer Design
Authors: 呂有豐
Lue, Yeou-Feng
Yang, Chih-Kai
Keywords: 信任
Modified Delphi Method
Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA)
Multiple-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM)
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 近年來,隨著後個人電腦時代的來臨,電腦漸漸由個人用途轉變為專用機,廣泛運用於各種領域。工業電腦的應用需要更多的防護措施,注重在不同環境下的穩定,在惡劣的環境下要求穩定。例如:收銀機、提款機、公共資訊站、汽車生產線控制等,自動化時代已成為二十一世紀的必然趨勢。另一方面,網際網路的盛行,帶來新的應用及市場,因此工業電腦產業所面臨之市場潛力無窮。企業必須以滿足顧客信任的需求為其研發之最高指導原則,進而不斷的在其產品與服務上推陳出新,以維持其競爭優勢。然而,創新研發往往是個曠時費力的工作且具有高度的不確定性,如何及早確認研發方向並達到顧客信任,是為一項重要的研究議題。有鑑於此,本研究以顧客需求為基礎,以期在早期產品開發階段將顧客需求轉化為相關之產品規格,因此傳輸接口更改為U.2或M.2是提高客戶對產品信任度的最佳策略。使研發方向得以符合顧客之所需並提升客戶信任度。
In recent years, with the advent of the post-PC era, PC has gradually being transformed from personal use into a dedicated machine which is widely used in various fields. Industrial computer applications require more protective measures, focusing on conditions, demanding stability in harsh environments. For example: cash registers, ATM, public information stations(KIOSK), automotive production line control, etc. The era of automation has become the inevitable trend of the 21st century. On the other hand, the prevalence of the Internet brings new applications and markets. Therefore, the industrial computer industry is facing immense market potential. For this reason, business must satisfy the needs of customer trust for their research and development of the highest guiding principles, and then continue to innovate in their products and services in order to maintain its competitive advantage. However, innovative research& development is often a time-consuming and time-consuming work with a high degree of uncertainty. How to identify R&D early and achieve customer trust is an important research topic. This study is based on customer needs as foundation, explores the early stage of product development and transforming customer needs into product specifications. Therefore, change the transmission interface to U.2 or M.2 is the best strategy for improving customer trust of the product. That can help the R&D to theright direction for product development to meet the customer needs and enhance customer trust.
Other Identifiers: G0005702314
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