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Title: 不同學習風格技術型高中生使用線上測評系統之行為分析─以PVQC為例
An Analysis of the Learning Styles and Behavior of Technical High School Students Using Online Assessment System:A Case Study of PVQC
Authors: 戴建耘
Tai, Chien-Yun
Chang, Ming-Wen
Yen, Ping-Yi
Keywords: 學習風格
learning style
learning motivation
online assessment system
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究目的係探討不同學習風格的技術型高中生如何運用線上測評系統,來分析適合他們的學習模式。本研究參與者為私立技術型高中資料處理科二年級學生85位,實驗組44人,對照組41人,實驗時間一共為8 週,學習時間為16小時,分別為前測、教育訓練、自主學習、後測。研究結果顯示,採用PVQC 的線上測評系統之學習模式,對直覺型和視覺型學生的學習成就能顯著提升。所以,建議本教學模式除了能有利於直覺型和視覺型學生之外,教師亦應在教學活動中考慮提供行動型學習風格學生有更多的反思機會,以增進其學習成就。對於「行動型/反思型」學生、與「循序型/整體型」兩種類別之學習者,就學習成就面向未達到顯著性之差異,但其調整後平均數已達一定程度,表示本研究所提出之學習模式可以照顧到「行動型/反思型」學生與「循序型/整體型」兩種類型的所有學生,因此可鼓勵相關教師應用本研究之學習模式於教學中,建議在相關課程的教師於教學時,可應用本研究所提出之教學模式。
The purpose of this study is to explore how the high school students of different learning styles use the online evaluation system to analyze the learning patterns that are suitable for them. The participants in this study were 85 students in the second year of private technical high school data processing group, 44 in the experimental group and 41 in the control group. The experiment time was 8 weeks and the learning time was 16 hours. Learning, post-test The results show that the learning model of PVQC online evaluation system can improve the learning achievement of intuitionistic and visual students. Therefore, the proposed teaching model in addition to conducive to intuitive and visual students, teachers should also be considered in the teaching activities to provide mobile learning style students have more reflection opportunities to enhance their learning achievement. For learners of "action / reflexive" students, students with two categories of "sequential / integral" have different degrees of learning achievement, but their adjusted average has reached a certain level, indicating that this study The proposed learning model can take care of all students of the "action type / reflective" type and the "sequential type / holistic" type. Therefore, it is possible to encourage the relevant teachers to apply the learning model of the study in teaching. Of teachers in teaching, can apply the proposed teaching model.
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