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Title: 以科技接受模式探討高職學生使用專業英文詞彙能力線上測評系統之行為
A Study on the Acceptance of Higher Vocational Students to the Online Measurement System A Case Study of Information English Vocabulary Ability Testing System
Authors: 戴建耘
Tai, Chien-Yun
Chang, Ming-Wen
Hsaio, Fu-Lien
Keywords: 科技接受模型
Technology acceptance model.
use behavior
online learning
learning motivation
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 電腦的發明及網際網路的盛行為英語教師提供了一項便利又富魅力的教學工具,相對的也讓學生產生很大的學習效益。目前各技術型高中學校皆陸續推廣專業實用英文,而英語的學習結合網路線上測評的學習方法,也是現階段教育最重視的課題。 本研究乃針對Davis (1989)所提出之科技接受模型(TAM)為基礎,針對新北市某技術型高中高一共10個班,採用問卷調查法進行,探討在「線上測評」風氣盛行之下,技術型高中學生對於「PVQC專業英文詞彙能力檢測系統」的相關操作行為,以及可能對於專業英語學習的動機所產生之影響。研究希望經由分析技術型高中學生使用線上測評系統的行為,並找出相關影響行為的因子,再來深入探討其對於技術型高中學生專業英文學習動機所產生的影響。 研究的結果顯現,個人的變項上,在同學性別的這項目,認知的易用性與認知的有用性具有正向關係。在學生方面,不同班級學生對認知的有用性與認知的易用性以及學習動機皆具備明顯之差異。不同專業英文授課老師對於同學之認知易用性則無顯著之差異,但是對於認知有用性是具有顯著之差異。在外部之變項上,網站品質以及電腦素養對於認知易用性具有正向影響。在電腦素養、同儕風氣以及網站的品質的這3項變項,則和認知有用性都具有正向顯著之相關。而認知易用性對於認知有用性具有顯著之相關及正向之影響。在學習動機對於使用之行為裡的這2個月內的操作總次數則有著顯著之相關及正向的影響。 關鍵字:科技接受模型、操作行為、線上測驗、線上學習、學習動機
The invention of the computer and the popularity of the Internet for English teachers to provide a convenient and rich charm of teaching tools, the relative also allow students to produce a great learning efficiency. At present, all technical high school schools are to promote professional and practical English, and English learning combined with online learning method of evaluation, but also the most important topic of education at this stage. Based on the technology acceptance model (TAM) proposed by Davis (1989), this study is based on the questionnaire survey. Under the "online evaluation" style, the technical high school students are concerned with the "PVQC professional English vocabulary ability detection system The use of behavior, and the possible motivations for professional English learning. It is hoped that by analyzing the behavior of the technical high school students using the online evaluation system and finding out the factors that affect the behavior, the author will further explore the impact of the motivation on the professional English learning motivation of the technical high school students. The results of the study show that there is a positive relationship between the variability of cognition and the usefulness of cognition in the individual's variants. In terms of students, different classes of students have a significant difference in the usefulness of cognition and the ease of use and learning motivation. There is no significant difference in the perceived ease of use among students in different English teachers, but there is a significant difference in cognitive usefulness. In terms of external variables, site quality and computer literacy have a positive impact on cognitive ease of use. The three variables of computer literacy, peer culture, and the quality of the site have a significant positive correlation with cognitive usefulness. And cognitive usability has a significant correlation and positive effect on cognitive usefulness. There is a significant correlation and positive impact on the number of occurrences of learning motivation for the last 2 months of the use of the behavior. Keyword:Technology acceptance model, use behavior, online learning, learning motivation.
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