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Title: 認知彈性、工作成就動機影響生理壓力、心理壓力與生涯發展信心之探究
Cognitive Flexibility and Work Motivation Affect the Physiological Stress and Psychological Stress that Reflect to the Self-confidence of Career Develoment
Authors: 洪榮昭
Keywords: 認知彈性
Cognitive flexibility
achievement motivation
physiological stress
psychological stress
confidence in career development
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 半導體產業面臨的政經變化日益趨大,經營壓力飛漲,而企業營業效益日漸下滑,企業為確保營收下所作的變革,影響職工的生涯發展信心,工作壓力、成就感及認知彈性在企業組織中的變化不同以往,工作者的職場生涯發展有信心時,則能長期支持企業發展。本研究以探討認知彈性、工作成就動機、生理壓力、心理壓力影響生涯發展信心之間關係的探究,以便利取樣的問卷調查方式,研究對象以台灣中部半導體產業的工程人員為主,有效問卷共465份,研究發現認知彈性與工作成就動機具有顯著正相關,認知彈性與心理壓力具有顯著正相關,認知彈性與生理壓力有顯著負相關,工作成就動機與心理壓力具有顯著負相關,工作成就動機與生理壓力有顯著負相關,心理壓力與生理壓力對生涯發展信心有顯著負相關,心理壓力與生理壓力有顯著正相關。經統計軟體分析後研究並綜合整理,將發現與結果作為管理意涵與建議,作為半導體產業企業未來發展的策略參考,希冀帶動員工與企業的雙贏局面。
The semiconductor industry is facing increasingly political and economic changes, pressure soaring would result to operating costs in enterprises. For this reason, this study was to explore the changes made under those factors affecting the workers’ career development confidence, such as work stress, achievement motivation and cognitive flexibility in the semi-conductor firms. The research participants were from R& D employees mainly in Taiwan's central semiconductor industry. Data of 465 were collected to be subjected for confirmatory factor analysis with structural equation modeling. The study found that cognitive flexibility was positively correlated with acievement motivation, cognitive flexibility could positively psychological stress but negatively physiological stress; achievement motivation could negatively predict both stress in psychology and psychology Moreover, besides two types of work stresses were negative correlated, both work stress were negatively related to con-fidence in career development within the firms. The implication of this study suggested the results can be applied to managerial practice to encourage workers’ confidence in career development to lead the staff and business in a win-win situation.
Other Identifiers: G0003702323
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