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Title: 以基於混合多準則決策分析與萃思法之品質機能展開流程改善專利提案品質
A Hybird Multiple-Criteria Decision Making Methods and TRIZ Based on Quality Function Deployment Process for Improving Patent Proposal Quality
Authors: 黃啟祐
Huang, Chi-Yo
Hsiao, Ta-Lung
Keywords: 專利提案品質
Patent Proposal Quality
Patent analysis
Multiple-criteria decision making
Patent family
Patent Portfolio
DEMATEL base Network Process
Quality Function Deployment
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 依據世界智慧財產權組織(WIPO)的統計數據顯示,善用專利資訊, 可以大幅縮減六成研發時間,節省四成研發經費,顯然,專利對於創新亟有助益。雖然專利對創新之幫助極大,但由於專利申請費用極高,專利提案之品質必須大幅提升,以求專利有效性極大、權利金最高、價值最大化。為提升專利提案品質,本研究擬導入決策分析模式、品質機能展開與萃思法定義專利品質分析與提昇架構。 本研究首先回顧文獻,歸納專利之權利指標以及專利之審查基準,作為品質機能展開法之市場需求因素與技術參數,並藉由以決策實驗法建構權利指標之影響關係,做為決策分析問題之架構後,導入分析網絡流程法,求取對應每一權利指標之權重,以求取權利指標與技術參數間之關聯係數後,求取與權利指標關聯度最高之技術參數。再以萃思法定義解決互相矛盾權利指標之創新策略。 本研究實證基礎將以我國主要IT公司之專利提案實證可行性,用於驗證所提出的分析框架的可行性。以實證研究的結果基礎上,用廉價的不持久性代替昂貴的持久性原則和改變物體聚合態原則以及改變顏色原則與周期作用原則是最重要的策略。此將為未來欲進行類似研究可接續之方向。此研究策略和實證研究的結果可以建議給IT公司成為未來專利提案的策略基礎。
Based on the statistics being provided by the World Intelligent Property Organization (WIPO), 60% of the time spent in research-and-development (R&D) can be reduced and 40% of budget thereof can also be saved if the patent information can be in good use in advance. It is no doubt that the patent system is beneficial to innovation of industry.. Therefore, this research aims to define an analytic framework for enhancing the quality of patent proposals. For enhancing the quality of proposal for patent application, the present research is proposed to introduce the Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL), the Quality FunctionDeployment (QFD) method, and the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) to define the analytic framework for patent quality and improvement. An empirical study based on one of the world’s leading IT company in Taiwan will be used to verify the feasibility of the proposed analytic framework. Based on the empirical study results, “Cheap short-living objects”, “Parameter Change”, ”Color Changes” and “Periodic Action” are the most important strategies. The proposed framework and the empirical study results can serve as the basis for Improving Patent Proposal Quality of IT company in the future.
Other Identifiers: G0003702301
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