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Title: 行動輔助英語閱讀與活動設計教學之初探:以台灣高中生為例
A Preliminary Study on Mobile-Assisted English Reading and Task-Based Instructions: A Case Study on Taiwanese EFL Adolescents in Senior High School
Authors: 林至誠
Chih-Cheng Lin
Ya-wen Ho
Keywords: 行動輔助閱讀
mobile-assisted reading
task-based language learning
post-reading task
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究旨在檢視一個為期十週的行動輔助英語閱讀計畫及其配套的活動設計。首先,本研究使用閱讀態度量表、英語字彙測驗及英語閱讀能力測驗的前、後測探討此計畫對受試者英語閱讀態度、字彙學習及閱讀能力的影響。再者,本研究以問卷檢測受試者對閱讀後小組活動的觀感。最後,透過學習日誌及個別訪談所蒐集而來的質性資料交叉比對測驗及問卷的結果。資料分析上,以單向共變數分析法檢測此計畫對受試者的前、後測表現是否有顯著的影響。問卷結果以重複測量變異數分析法及卡方檢定法分別檢視受試者在閱讀後活動的喜好程度是否有顯著差異,以及是否有特別偏好某一種閱讀後活動類型。學習日誌及訪談的內容則以文字稿的形式進行進一步分析。 分析結果發現這個行動輔助英語閱讀計畫對受試者的英語閱讀態度有顯著的正向影響,特別是在實用(utility)及逃離(escape)這兩個面向上;反之,在字彙學習及閱讀能力上,則沒有顯著的影響。此外,從資料中也發現受試者對本研究中所施作的閱讀後活動抱持著相當正向的觀感;受試者最為偏好兩種活動類型為討論及觀賞影音。根據研究結果,本研究盼能在塑造英語學習者的閱讀態度、促進課堂及非課堂語言學習活動以及設計行動輔助英語閱讀配套活動上提供英語教師具體建議。
Driven by limitations observed in current studies on mobile-assisted reading, the present study proposed and examined a ten-week mobile-assisted reading program supported with five group-based post-reading tasks. To investigate the effects of the program on EFL learners’ attitudes toward English reading, vocabulary acquisition, and reading comprehension, Stokmans’ (1999) reading attitude scale, the first five levels of Nation and Beglar’s (2007) Vocabulary Size Test, and the reading section of an intermediate-level test from Cambridge English Language Assessment were administered before and after the program. A control group was further included to make the test results more inferential. Questionnaires and semi-structured interviews were also employed to survey the participants’ perceptions of the post-reading tasks. Finally, learning journals were collected every two weeks as a way to triangulate the data gathered through tests and questionnaires. One-way ANCOVA was performed on the test results to examine the influence of the program on the participants. One-way–repeated measures ANOVA was run on the results of the questionnaire to see whether there were particularly favorable or unfavorable tasks. As for the participants’ preferred types of post-reading tasks, their choices were turned into descriptive statistics, and underwent the chi-square test to verify the existence of a particularly welcomed task type. Finally, journals and interviews were analyzed based on recurrent themes emerging from the data. It was found that the participants’ attitudes toward English reading, the utility and the escape aspects in particular, became significantly more positive after the intervening program. No significant effects, however, were observed on the participants’ vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension. Results of the questionnaires and interviews indicated that the participants perceived the post-reading tasks quite positively, and that discussion and video-watching were the two most popular types of post-reading tasks. Based on the findings, pedagogical implications concerning shaping EFL learners’ reading attitudes, promoting language learning across formal and informal settings, and devising tasks for mobile-assisted reading were offered.
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