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Title: 台灣地區國小教師資訊融入英語教學現況調查研究
A Survey Study on English Teachers’ Use of Technology in Elementary Schools in Taiwan
Authors: 林至誠
Dr. Chih-Cheng Lin
Shu-Fen Chang
Keywords: 資訊科技使用
IT use
technology integration into instruction
English teachers in elementary schools
EFL instruction
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本調查研究旨在探討台灣地區國小教師資訊融入英語教學的頻率與模式,以及他們感知資訊融入英語教學對於教師教學、學生學習與課程設計方面之效能提升,並且進一步探究影響國小英語教師資訊融入課程決策與做法的主要因素。在量化研究部份,來自全台各地共1,550名國小英語教師參與問卷調查,問卷主要希望得知他們使用資訊設備的頻率,使用的資訊設備器材種類、以及其所感知資訊融入教學之效能。關於質性研究部份,來自台灣各地區共15名國小英語教師接受個別訪談,訪談旨在收集更多關於他們英語課程中使用資訊設備資源的詳細資料。量化數據以描述統計呈現,而質性研究的訪談則經由錄音、謄寫逐字稿、編碼等程序後加以分析詮釋。量化及質性研究結果均顯示大部分的國小英語教師至少每周使用資訊設備一次以上,而相當高比例的教師認為不論在一般班級教室或在專科英文教室中,電腦和投影機皆屬基本必要資訊設備。其次,大多數的問卷作答者與受訪教師皆同意資訊融入英語教學對於教師教學、學生學習與課程設計均有助於提升效能。最後,影響國小英語教師使用資訊設備的主因之一是他們能否有權使用專供英語課程且配備有電腦與投影機的英語專科教室;此外,國小英語教師所感知資訊融入教學之效能亦會形成教師將資訊科技融入教學之喜好;其他諸如政府教育主管機關補助推動之專案計畫、學校行政體系提供之經費與心理層面的支持、教職同仁之間的團隊精神與團隊合作、以及學校中資訊專家的指導與專業協助,均被視為鼓勵教師使用資訊設備教學之影響因素
This survey study was intended to investigate into the frequency and patterns of IT use among elementary school teachers in their EFL classrooms and their perceived effectiveness of IT integration into their instruction on teachers’ teaching, on students’ learning and on the curriculum design. It was also aimed to explore further into the major factors affecting their decision making and practices in IT integration into curriculum. For the quantitative research, 1,550 EFL teachers in elementary schools from all over Taiwan were recruited for responding to the questionnaire aimed to find out the participants’ frequency of IT use in English instruction and the IT facility they used as well as their perceived effectiveness of IT integration into instruction. As for the qualitative research, 15 EFL teachers in elementary schools from different parts of Taiwan were interviewed individually in order to collect more detailed and realistic data about their actual use of IT resources in their English instruction. The quantitative data was analyzed with descriptive statistics while the interviews were recorded, transcribed, coded, and further analyzed and interpreted. The results of both the questionnaire survey and interview sessions indicated that that the majority of participants used IT resources at least once a week. What’s more, a large proportion of them considered computer and projector basic and essential IT facilities whether in an ordinary homeroom classroom or in a special classroom. Next, most of the respondents and interviewees agreed on its beneficial effect whether on teachers’ teaching, on students’ learning, or on curriculum design. Finally, one major factor influencing EFL teachers’ IT use was whether they had ready access to an English classroom exclusively for English courses, which was equipped with a computer and projector. In addition, these teachers’ perceived effectiveness also led to teachers’ preference in integrating IT into English instruction. Other factors such as promotion projects sponsored by government education authorities, financial and mental support from school administration, great team spirits and teamwork among teaching staff, guidance and professional support from IT expertise in school, were all regarded as influential factors which would encourage teachers to make use of IT in their instruction.
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