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Title: 大學生在電腦輔助語言學習中心之自選式學習觀感
EFL College Students’ Perceptions of Self-access Language Learning at a CALL Center
Authors: 林至誠
Chih-cheng Lin
Shiau-jiun Ning
Keywords: 自選式學習
self-access language learning
autonomous learning
CALL center
language learning programs
student perceptions
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 自選式學習研究已涵蓋自學教室設施、系統、評比、使用因素、學習者影響力、自學教室教材發展、及課程規劃之探討。有關學習者對參與自選式學習之觀感研究寥寥無幾。 本研究藉由分析大學生在電腦輔助語言學習中心之自選式學習觀感評估大學自學教室之成效。於2005至2006學年度,最初參與研究者來自北部一所大學修大一英文學生總計1,613名,共48個班級。學生到自學教室需登入每一個他們所選取的學習軟體,並在每一次學習結束後填寫八題網路問卷始得成功登出。有完整學習記錄者再依其期末閱讀、聽力程度測驗以及來訪自學教室頻率篩選出目標訪談對象共121位。在經由三次電子郵件邀請及電話確認後,共有29名學生自願參與半結構式一對一訪談。 網路問卷調查結果分析顯示相較於文法、閱讀、寫作方面的進步,學習者在字彙、聽力、口說、文化方面感受進步較多。此外,學習者表示自選式學習能增進他們對一般知識領域的認知、增強批判性思考能力、發展自己的學習方法、反思及評估自學成效。參與自學頻率較高的學習者表示他們能選擇適合其程度及興趣的教材,同時也知道如何保持自學熱忱、監督自學過程。在英語學習技能方面的進步,學習者找到自我增進字彙、口語表達及聽力技巧的方法。本研究探討之自學教室能創造輕鬆愉快的學習氣氛,幫助學習者自主學習英文。
Self-access language learning (SALL) has attracted research in such areas as facilities and systems in a self-access classroom (SAC), evaluation of a SAC, factors affecting the use of a SAC, learner contributions and SAC material development, and curriculum integration and SACs. A paucity of literature focused on learners’ perceptions of SALL in a SAC. This paper evaluates the effectiveness of a university self-access classroom (SAC) in Taiwan by examining EFL college students’ perceptions of SALL at a CALL classroom. Initial participants included a total of 1,613 students (935 females and 678 males, respectively) from 48 classes of Freshmen English course during the 2005 to 2006 academic year. They were required to fill out an 8-item on-line survey questionnaire before they logged out of each learning program they chose to work with. The successful logins were further categorized based on their frequency of visits and the year-end reading and listening proficiency tests. The target interviewees of 121 students thus formed; among them, 29 volunteered to participate in a semi-structured interview on a one-on-one basis. The analysis of the on-line questionnaire shows that vocabulary, listening, speaking, and culture are perceived as greatly improved over grammar, reading and writing; moreover, the participants self-report that they have gained common knowledge about the world, learned critical thinking skills, developed their own learning methods, and reflected on and evaluated their own learning. Further investigations of the frequent visitors reveal that they are able to select materials catering to their proficiency levels and current needs; they also know how to motivate themselves as well as to monitor their progress. Skill-wise, they have developed strategies for acquiring vocabulary, producing oral expressions and comprehending listening materials. The SAC discussed in the present study has been a relaxed and well-organized environment for individual English learning to the general participants.
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