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Title: 智慧型PDA融入國民中學自然與生活科技領域教學之研究活動
Other Titles: An Action Research of The Intelligent PDA Integrates into Instruction at Domain of Science and Living Technology in Junior High School
Authors: 許耀升
Issue Date: Mar-2007
Publisher: 臺灣師範大學科學教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Science Education Center
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討如何利用智慧型PDA 為行動載具,發展相關教材,做為教學應用,及將智慧型PDA 融入國民中學自然與生活科技領域教學設計之教學成效。隨著資訊科技不斷地創新和演進,相關的資訊設備及技術也不斷地蓬勃發展,而智慧型PDA 不僅為資訊產品中較具創新的產品之一,且其功能多元化,並具高度的實用性,若將智慧型PDA應用在教師的教學研究上,無疑是提供教師一個良好的教學載具,不僅對教師的教學效能提升,有正面的幫助,對提升學生的學習成效,也有相當的助益。本研究的主要目的在於設計及發展以智慧型PDA 為行動載具的自然與生活科技領域教材,再評估相關教材在課程活動中所具備的特色及實施情形,藉以提供教師做為未來以智慧型PDA 為行動載具之相關教學的重要參考,本研究採行動研究法,以教學現場錄影、學生深入訪談、教學者省思日誌、學習前態度問卷、學習後滿意度問卷及評鑑問卷,進行資料蒐集與分析。
This study discusses the use of intelligent PDA as mobile carrier for teaching material, and the results of the integration of the Intelligent PDA into the Domain of Science and Living Technology in junior high school. As the information technology continues to advance, intelligent PDA has become one of the innovative products among others. Due to the diverse and practical functions, it is an excellent career for theacher's teaching, and there are positive effects on both teachers and students. The main purpose of this study is to design and develop teaching material for the Domain of Science and Living Technology based on the intelligent PDA as a mobile carrier, and to evaluate its features and applications in the classroom activities, in order to provide reference to teachers on using intelligent PDA as a mobile carrier in teaching.The action research was used as research method in this study, on-site video filming, in-depth interview with students, reflective journal, pre-learning attitude questionnaire, post-learning satisfaction questionnaire, and assessment questionnaire for data collection and analysis.
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