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Title: 網路情境模擬教學對國中生節能減碳知識、態度、行為意向與滿意度之研究
The Effect of Online Scenario-Based Learning on Student’s ESCR Knowledge, Attitude and Behavioral Intention
Authors: 蘇照雅
Su, Chao-Ya
Kao, Wei-Chieh
Keywords: 節能減碳
energy saving and carbon reduction
online scenario-based learning
learning material satisfaction
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究探討網路情境模擬教學對國中生節能減碳知識、態度與行為意向之影響。本研究採用文獻分析法、準實驗設計、問卷調查法及訪談研究法。研究對象為桃園縣某國民中學七年級兩個班共58名學生。研究工具為「節能減碳學習測驗」、「節能減碳網路情境模擬教材」及「教材滿意度問卷」。所得資料以描述性統計、成對樣本t檢定與共變數分析等統計方法進行資料處理。本研究主要結果如下: 一、網路情境模擬教學能增進學生的節能減碳「知識」,對學生的節能減碳「態度」與「行為意向」皆有正面的影響。 二、節能減碳「知識」前測成績低於70.35分的學生,較適合採用網路情境模擬教學。另外,兩組學生在接受不同教學方式後,對節能減碳的「態度」及「行為意向」的改變無顯著差異。 三、從教材滿意問卷及訪談得知,學生對於使用網路情境模擬教材進行學習之整體滿意度相當高。
The purpose of this study was to explore the effect of online scenario-based learning on student’s Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction (ESCR) knowledge, attitude and behavioral intention. The research methods involved literature analysis, quasi-experimented design, questionnaire survey, and qualitative interview. The participants of this study were fifty-eight seventh-grade students of junior high schools in Taoyuan County. The instruments consist of ESCR test, online scenario-based learning material, and learning material satisfaction questionnaire. Data obtained in the survey were statistically analyzed and processed by means of descriptive statistics, paired-samples t test, and analysis of covariance. The conclusions are as follows: 1. The online scenario-based learning material could effectively improve the knowledge, attitude and behavioral intention of ESCR. 2. Students who had knowledge pre-test score lower than 70.35 points were more beneficial for learning with online scenario-based learning material. However, no significant difference was found between two groups on attitude and behavioral intention of the ESCR. 3. The student’s overall satisfaction is quite high for using online scenario-based learning material.
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