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Title: 工作熱情、工作-生活平衡與生活滿意度之關係研究
A Study on Relationship among Job Passion, Work Life Balance and Life Satisfaction
Authors: 李隆盛
Lung-Sheng, Lee
Kuo Yen Ku
Keywords: 工作熱情
Job passion
Work-life balance
Life satisfaction
Hi-Tech industry
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 現代工商業社會的組織成員已面臨日益嚴峻的工作壓力,導致個人在工作與生活兩方面重大的失衡,如何增進生活滿意度成為管理新興議題。員工之工作熱情是企業努力追求的目標,同時也是個體表現出高度工作投入的表現。本研究旨在探討工作熱情對於生活滿意度之預測力,以問卷調查之便利取樣選取高科技產業中之工程人員,共回收228份有效問卷。研究發現工作熱情與生活滿意度之主要直接關係並無顯著,以及工作-生活平衡在兩者之間發揮完全中介作用,乃為本論文之重要結果。研究發現與結果綜整為管理意涵與建議,可作為未來高科技產業組織發展之策略參考,希冀帶動員工與組織的雙贏局面。
People in the modern society have been encountering more and more pressure from work, which results in an imbalance between work and life. Therefore, how to improve employees' quality of life satisfaction has become a popular topic. The management expects employee to show their passion to work, and this can also reflect a high extent of contribution to work. This study aims to make a prediction between work passion and life satisfaction based on valid questionnaire survey from 228 engineers involving in hi-tech industry. The finding reveals that there is no significant relationship between work passion and life satisfaction, even though work-life-balance does play a mediator role between the two factors.。 This study might be a meaningful reference for the management when designing the strategies of organization development of hi-tech corporations and might bring win-win outcome between employers and employee.
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