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Title: 網路化TRIZ教學對國中學生問題解決表現影響之研究
A Study of Effects of Web-based TRIZ Teaching on Junior High School Students' Problem Solving Performance
Authors: 張玉山
Yu-Shan Chang
Nai-Yu Shih
Keywords: 網路教學
Problem solving
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討網路化教學對國中學生問題解決表現之影響。利用探討網路化TRIZ教學之相關理論,依此設計教學活動並實施教學實驗,以準實驗研究法探討不同的教學方法對國中學生問題解決表現的效果,作為日後生活科技教學與未來研究之參考。 本研究的研究對象為台北市某國中80 位一年級學生,透過教學活動,以學習單的方式紀錄學生之問題解決歷程,並分析學生在問題解決各歷程及結果之表現。回收後資料,以描述性統計及共變數分析探討其間的顯著性。主要研究結果包括: 1.網路化TRIZ 設計教學對問題解決各歷程皆有正面之顯著影響,其中又以「構思擬定解決方案及策略」的正面效果最為明顯。 2.網路化TRIZ 設計教學對問題解決各結果皆有正面之顯著影響。 最後,本研究根據研究發現,提出建議事項,供相關單位人員在教 學應用及學術研究之參考。
TRIZ was a Russian acronym for “Theory of Inventive ProblemSolving.”This study examined the effects of a web-based TRIZ teaching activity designed to improve the problem solving performanceof junior students. A teaching activity of web-based and TRIZ was developed for this study.Aquasi-experimental design was adapted to teaching experiment in a juniorhigh school in Taipei county. There were 160junior high school studentsparticipated in this study. Participants in the study were asked to fill outworksheets and create a solar jeep. To achieve the purpose, ANOVA were adopted to analyze the data that evaluating both of the worksheets and the products. The major results of the study were as follow: 1. There were statistically significant differences on participantstudents’problem solving process,especially to develop ideasof solutions and strategies. 2. There were statistically significant differences on participantstudent’s problem solving results. Finally, some suggestions were proposed for teachers, relative educational institutions, and further study.
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