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Title: 員工企業社會責任知覺對組織承諾與離職傾向影響之實證研究
A Research of the Relationships among Empolyees’ Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention.A Research of the Relationships among Empolyees’ Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention.
Authors: 余鑑
Yu, Chien
Yu, Chun-chieh
Lee, Pei-Jung
Keywords: 員工企業社會責任知覺
Corporate Social Responsibility
Organizational Commitment
Turnover Intention
Structural Equation Modeling.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 全球化的浪潮襲捲,企業挾帶著雄厚的資金、技術、人才,橫掃國界高牆,儼然成為改變世界風貌的一股巨大新勢力。隨著企業社會責任的觀念逐漸成熟,相關議題之影響性也逐漸的擴大,舉凡企業自我形象與經營策略的提升,國際貿易供應鏈的要求,皆將CSR的概念引入其中。 1970年代以後,許多研究者針對企業社會責任進行許多相關的實證研究。如:增加公益活動贊助是否會增加社會回應、影響消費者對企業社會責任的知覺因素、企業社會責任的表現與財務表現間的關連性等。更有研究者認為探討與利害關係人對企業社會責任的回應,應比探討組織在財務面的成功更可能獲得豐碩的成果。 本研究旨在探討員工企業社會責任知覺與其組織承諾、離職傾向間三者的關係,以中華電信南區營運處為母體進行調查研究,共發出310份問卷,回收有效問卷為221份,運用SPSS 12.0 與LISREL 8.51進行後續資料分析。研究結果顯示:(1) 員工企業社會責任知覺對其組織承諾有顯著正向的影響;(2) 員工企業社會責任與組織承諾對員工離職傾向有顯著負向的影響;(3) 員工的企業社會責任知覺會經由組織承諾的部分中介對其離職傾向產生顯著負向的影響。 因此,企業社會責任不僅是一種公關行銷的工具,更一種良好的內部行銷工具,當企業對社會負起應有的責任時,外界對於組織產生高度評價之時,員工會因身為組織中的一份子亦感到光榮,提升自我評價,也會進一步對組織產生高度認同與向心力,因而有效的提高員工對組織的價值承諾與努力承諾,並降低其離職傾向。
For several years now, Corporate Social Responsibility has been the most popular slogan in running business. After 1970, much of research on this topic focoused on estalishing the link of social performnce and corporate finacial success, investgating the influence of perceptions concerning corporate social responsiveness on customers, and the attractiveness of social performance to investors. However, some scholars indicated that it may be more fruitful than investgating which stakeholders are influenced by the social performance than to investgate the link between social performance and finacial success. This reseach aimed to analysis the relationship among empolyees’ perception of corporate social responsibility, organizational commitment, and turnover intention. We took the Taipei South Branch of Chunghwa Telecom as the target case. Also, we delivered 310 questionnaires and retrieved 221 effective questionnaires. Those data were analyzed by SPSS 12.0 and LISREL 8.51. The results are as follows: (1) Empolyees’ perception of corporate social responsibility has significant positive effect on their organizational commitment. (2) Empolyees’ perception of corporate social responsibility and organizational commitment both have a negative effect on their turnover intention. (3) Empolyees’ perception of corporate social responsibility has an indirect impact on their turnover intention through the moderating effect by organizational commitment. We can understand that corporate social responsibility not only can be a good marketing strategy but also a good internal matketing tool. Therefore the corporate should take their responsibility for the whole society and pay utmost attention to this new subject of business.
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