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Title: 企業管理訓練桌上遊戲教材評選指標之研究
The study of the indicators for evaluating board games in the management training programs.
Authors: 朱益賢
Chu, Yih-Hsien
Lin, Yang-Lun
Keywords: 企業管理訓練
management training program
board game
evaluation indicator
Modified-Delphi technique
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討企業如何運用桌上遊戲教材於企業管理訓練課程上,並建構出一套指標以幫助企業管理訓練評選桌上遊戲教材。 本研究研究過程係採用量化研究取向的修正式德懷術(Delphi technique)進行研究資料的蒐集與分析。先經由國內外相關文獻探討,歸納出企業管理訓練評選桌上遊戲的需求指標和項目初稿,而後函請五位專家建立專家內容效度及意見提供,再選取十二位專家組成德懷術諮詢委員群後,經過三個回合的德懷術問卷調查所得資料,以平均數、眾數、標準差、四分位差與相依樣本t檢定等統計方法,進行分析,而獲致出本研究的重要結論包括:一、企業管理訓練在評選桌上遊戲教材上,有兩大主要構面需考量,分別為桌上遊戲構面與訓練課程構面。二、企業管理訓練評選桌上遊戲所需具備的指標有五項,桌上遊戲構面的指標有三項,分別為遊戲性質、遊戲規則、遊戲參與;訓練課程構面的指標有兩項,分別為遊戲與課程相容性以及課程參與者。三、從企業管理訓練評選桌上遊戲的五項指標中,又可細分出36個評選項目,遊戲性質的指標共有10個評選項目,遊戲規則的指標共有8個評選項目,遊戲參與的指標共有7個評選項目,遊戲與課程相容性的指標共有6個評選項目,課程參與者的指標共有5個評選項目。其中以「這款桌上遊戲的趣味性」這項指標為最重要。 研究最後提出實務應用以及後續研究之建議,希冀對於企業管理訓練在評選桌上遊戲有所幫助。
The main purposes of this study aimed to explore how companies use board games in their management training programs, and to develop the indicators for evaluating board games in the management training programs. This study used quantitative research method with Modified-Delphi technique tocollect and analyze research data. First, reviewed and analyzed related literatures to conclude the first edition of board game evaluation aspects, indicators and items. Then invited five experts to develop content validity and provide suggestions. Twelve Delphi advisors were polled for three times, then the data of which was analyzed by mean, mode, standard, quartile, and paired t-test. The results of this study were shown as follow. First, when the management training programs evaluate board games, there are two aspects which are board game aspect and training program aspect should be considered. Second, the board game aspect has three evaluation indicators, namely, the nature of the game, the rules of the game, and the game participation. The training program aspect has two evaluation indicators, namely, compatibility for games and programs, and course participants. Third, the five evaluation indicators can be divided into the 36 items. The nature of the game has ten items, the indicator which is the rules of the game has eight items, and the game participation has seven items. The compatibility for games and programs totals six items, and the indicator which is course participants totals five items. Of all the items, the item that is “how much interest to this board game” is the most important. Suggestions are provided for application and future research to help the management training programs evaluate board games.
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