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Title: 師徒制之關鍵成功因素與對生涯發展影響之探討-以3C售後維修服務業為例
The Key Success Factors and Effect on Career Development of Mentoring---An Example of 3C after-sale service
Authors: 余 鑑
于 俊 傑
Yu Chien
Yu Chin-Chen
Tseng Chih-Ching
Keywords: 師徒制
individual career development
organizational career development
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本研究目的主要在探討個案企業執行師徒制對於員工生涯發展、組織生涯發展之影響,及瞭解其運作師徒制之關鍵成功因素。研究方法採質性的個案研究法,以訪談方式進行個案資料蒐集,訪談對象為人力資源部門、師傅、徒弟三方共七位受訪者,並根據研究主題將訪談資料整理與分析,獲得以下的發現: 一、個案企業師徒制的運作現況為實施多元師徒關係、師徒為亦師亦友的互動關係、有系統的執行工作教導與成效查核。 二、個案企業實行師徒制對員工生涯發展之影響在於職務成就、社會情感之依歸、個人職位晉升。 三、個案企業實行師徒制對組織生涯發展之影響在於選用訓練需求分析、人才技能分析、未來潛能分析。 四、個案企業實行師徒制關鍵成功因素有強調文化與品牌的指導方針 、完善的策略運作、關鍵的幕僚。
The main purpose of the research is to analyze what influence of individual career development and organizational career development and to understand the key success factors of mentoring that the case enterprise executes. By conducting qualitative research, case studies and interviews were initiated to collect data. The object population of interviews has been focusing on three groups of seven participants, including resources department, mentor and mentee. According to data compilation and the analysis, we found that: 1. The case enterprise’s existing mentoring implements “Multiplication Mentoring”. Mentor and mentee have interaction relations like a teacher and a friend. It executes by planned job guidance and the result checks. 2. The case enterprise implements mentoring to influence on individual career development, including duty achievement, the social emotion ownership and individual position promotion. 3. The case enterprise implements mentoring to influence on organizational career development, including the training demand analysis, the talented person skill analysis, the future on potential analysis. 4. The crucial element affecting the success of the case enterprise’s mentoring is to emphasize cultural and the brand directive, the consummation strategy operation, the key staff.
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