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Title: 人力資源客服代表職能研究
A Study on Competencies for the Human Resource Account Service
Authors: 賴志樫
Dr. Lai, Chih-Chien
Chih-Chun, Tseng
Keywords: 人力資源客服代表
Human Resource Account Service
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 近年來,為了更貼近與瞭解組織內各部門的需求,人力資源部門角色起了重大的變化。特別由於部門經理及人力資源專業人員,是提高組織能力的關鍵人士,兩者間需建立起更密切的夥伴關係,以打破一些傳統上事業和幕僚單位之間存在的隔閡,人力資源客服代表於焉而生。基於此,本研究旨在探究人力資源客服代表之重要角色、任務職責及工作內容等,並找出人力資源客服代表應具備的重要職能內涵。 為達致研究目的,主要採量化研究的問卷調查法進行資料蒐集與分析。研究過程係先透過文獻分析,研擬調查問卷初稿,再由專家審查、修訂,最後完成正式施測問卷的編製。並採用便利取樣方式,選取國內企業採行人力資源客服代表制度的23家企業,針對該企業的人力資源客服代表發放問卷,進行研究資料調查與回收。合計發放237份問卷,回收78份,有效問卷73份,回收率約33%。 本研究獲致的結論,主要包括:(1)人力資源客服代表應具備九項重要職能構面,按重要性排列依序為:「自我發展與管理」、「HR端與內部顧客端溝通協調職能」、「顧客服務人格特質」、「策略性人力資源管理職能」、「功能性人力資源管理職能」、「內部顧客需求分析職能」、「顧客服務專業知識構面」、「提供內部顧客諮詢與指導服務職能」及「內部顧客服務專業管理職能」;(2)「金融與服務業」和「製造業」在「顧客服務專業知識」構面的認知上有顯著差異;(3)年資深淺,對所應具備職能的認知大致相同。最後,本研究並根據研究結論提出多項可供實務界、學術界及後續研究者參考的重要建議,期望對人力資源客服代表職能研究領域產生助益。
In recent years, in order to be closer and to understand the demand of every department in organization, human resource (HR) department had great changes. Indeed, managers and human resource personnel are the key men who enhance organizational ability. They need to set up closer partnership in order to break the traditional barrier between undertaking and staff. Therefore, HR account service was come into exist. According to that, the research addresses HR account service’s important role, duty and working content, and to find essential competencies that the HR account service must possess. To achieve the research purposes, questionnaire survey was employed for data collection. In the research processes, literature was reviewed first, and drew up the questionnaire draft. Then, the draft was examined and revised. Finally, the formal questionnaire was completed and sent out to 23 enterprises. A convenient sampling method was adopted to pick up these 23 enterprises which have implemented HR account service systems. A total of 237 copies of the questionnaire were send. Among them, 73 effective ones were returned. The rate of return was about 33%. The conclusions of this research are (1) HR account service must be consisted of nine essential competencies. Ranking these by importance, they are: “self-development and self-management skill”, “skills and abilities of coordination and communication between HR department and internal customers”, “personal characters in customer service”, “strategic human resource management skill”, “functional human resource ,management skill”, “skills and abilities of internal customer needs analysis”, “professional knowledge in internal customer service”, “skills and abilities of consulting and coaching with internal customers”, and “abilities of professional management in internal customer service”; (2) “Finance and Service industries” and “Manufacturing industry” have a significant difference in cognition of professional knowledge in internal customer service;(3) Regarding the seniority, the cognition of competency is supposed to be roughly the same. Finally, the research also proposed some important suggestions for HR practitioners, academics, and subsequent researchers.
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