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Title: 透過網路化創造性問題解決教學活動以培養國中學生科技創造力之研究
The study of using web-based creative problem solving activities to improve junior high school students’ technological creativity
Authors: 李大偉
Ta-Wei Lee
Yi-Hsuan Ho
Keywords: 創造性問題解決
creativity problem solving
technological creativity
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討網路化創造性問題解決教學活動的設計方式,及透過網路化創造性問題解決教學活動對於國中生科技創造力之影響,並探討學生背景因素對科技創造力的預測情形,以提供教師或學生在教育上應用之參考。 本研究採用準實驗設計,針對國中二年級四個班級(兩班實施網路化創造性問題解決教學活動,兩班實施一般創造性問題解決教學活動) ,進行八週的實驗教學,實驗前施以威廉斯創造力測驗及電腦網路素養問卷,實驗後針對學生的科技創造力(構想創意及產品創意)來評分,藉以了解網路化創造性問題解決教學活動與一般創造性問題解決教學活動對學生在科技創造力的影響。經資料蒐集、整理與分析後,得到以下的結論: 1.適宜的網路化創造性問題解決教學活動的設計方式為:情境描述、蒐集資料、發現問題、引導分析、構思、評選方案、方案形成、製作與發表。 2.國中生不論性別,皆適合使用網路化創造性問題解決教學活動來提升科技創造力。 3.高創造力的國中生更適合使用網路化創造性問題解決教學活動來提升科技創造力。 4.科技創造力的表現可由創造力、理科成績及文科成績來瞭解。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the appropriate way of designing web-based creative problem solving activities and to know the influence of these activities on students’ technological creativity. Also, to explore the relationship of selected students’ background variables and technological creativity. This study adopted quasi experimental design to do experimental teaching on four junior-high school classes (two adopted web-based creative problem solving activities, and the other adopted general creative problem solving activities) for eight weeks. Students took Williams’ creativity assessment packet test and computer network literacy test before the teaching experiment. Their technological creativity (including design creativity and product creativity) after that was scored and compared between web-based and general creative problem solving activity classes. The following conclusion were made: 1.the appropriate way to design web-based creative problem solving activities included: (1)situation describing, (2)data collecting, (3)problem finding, (4)analyzing, (5)designing, (6)selecting, (7)program forming, and (8)making then publishing. matter which sex was, junior high school students were suitable to adopt web-based creative problem solving activities to improve technological creativity. 3.junior high school students with high creativity are more suitable to adopt web-based creative problem solving activities. 4.the performance of technological creativity could be predicted by creativity, scores of science and that of liberal arts.
Other Identifiers: GN0691710036
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