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Title: 建置結合代理人機制之協同問題解決測驗平台之研究-以國中自然與生活科技測驗題目為例
Establishment of Integrating Agent Mechanism Into Collaboration Problem Solving Test Platform. – A case study of Science and Technology test in junior high school.
Authors: 蕭顯勝
Hsiao Hsien-Sheng
Chang, Yu-Hsin
Keywords: 問題解決
Problem Solving
Collaborative learning
Collaborative Problem Solving
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 影響全世界教育走向的學生能力國際評量計劃(Programme for International Student Assessment, PISA),主要希望學校能夠培養統整、批判與獨立思考的能力,使學生能從容面對各種題型,以幫助學生在面對未來教育或職場工作之所需。PISA將在2015年的測驗增加了協同問題解決的線上測驗,主要是希望培養未來就業所需的協同問題解決能力,其重點在培養學生解決日常生活中所面臨非結構化問題的能力。因此本研究將建置結合代理人機制之協同問題解決測驗平台,以國中生為對象,並利用人際溝通能力和問題解決能力成績將學生做高低分組,觀察兩種能力高低分學生在測驗平台測驗後,學生的協同問題解決能力的狀況。 研究結果發現人際溝通能力高低分組在四項測驗(室內設計、天氣、遺傳、電池)中,室內設計和遺傳的測驗;天氣和電池的測驗,其能力有互補作用,使各項能力可以均勻發展,可作為後續出題之參考。而問題解決高低分組在四項測驗表現皆差不多,其中以低分組學生來說,其天氣、遺傳和電池的測驗表現皆均衡發展,故針對低分組的學生可依據此作出題依據;高分組學生可以依照室內設計的題型的題目做發展。針對不同學生的能力和題型,在協同問題解決能力的測驗上,學生在各項能力分布會有不同狀況,故找出其適合的測驗題型,以利後續發展之參考。
The major of Programme for International Student Assessment is hoping that institutions can educate the capacity for integration ,critical and independent thinking. To help students experience all kinds of questions, and develop all the acknowledges and abilities for their future career , PISA will have new online test in 2015 for educating students’ ability for collaboration problem solving in the future , the key point is based on educating students ability to solve the unstructured problems in their daily lives, so this research will build a platform with establishment of integrating agent and collaboration problem solving based on junior high school students . Using interpersonal skills and problem solving skills to divide students into several groups from high scores to low scores. Observe their performance of collaboration problem solving skill between different groups in the online test platform. The research shows that students’ abilities in different group base on the scores of interpersonal skills have complementary in four test :interior design ,weather ,heredity and battery, that makes their abilities be balanced development , could be the reference of test design in the future .And the abilities in different group of problem solving skills in four test get almost the same score between high score group and low score group ,their ability of low score group of problem solving skill in weather , heredity and battery test are balanced development, so that could be the reference of future test design ; And the test design for high score group of problem solving skill can be based on interior design. Students’ abilities in different field and test will be different , so find out the suitable questions for different students would be the good reference for the future development.
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