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Title: 自我導向學習、支持型文化對訓練遷移及服務績效之影響─以激勵制度為調節變項
The Influence on Service Performance from Self-Directed Learning and Supportive Culture through the Mediation of Training Transfer —Incentive System as a Moderator Variable
Authors: 余鑑
Yu, Chien
Yu, Chin-Cheh
Chiu, Yu-Ping
Keywords: 自我導向學習
self-directed learning
supportive culture
training transfer
service performance
incentive system
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 在知識經濟的時代中,許多組織早已意識到人力的培訓是提升組織績效的關鍵因素;尤其在服務性產業,需要更扎實的教育訓練,以提高組織與成員的競爭力及顧客滿意度。當組織投入大量的經費進行訓練,是否能有效地遷移並運用在工作上,則是組織訓練單位面臨的挑戰。因此,企業應重視訓練遷移之影響因素,以降低遷移過程的障礙,適時採取激勵制度,達成有效提升員工之服務績效。 本研究主要係探討自我導向學習、支持型文化與服務績效之間的相關性,並以訓練遷移為中介變項,運用層級迴歸來分析訓練遷移在自我導向學習、支持型文化與服務績效之間的中介效果,以及以激勵制度為調節變項,分析激勵制度於訓練遷移與服務績效之間是否具有調節效果。本研究對象為國內「A航空」之地勤運務員,採用抽樣方式以E-mail及委託人力發放問卷來進行實證資料的蒐集,總共回收285份有效樣本。 研究結果發現:(1)自我導向學習對於訓練遷移具正向影響;(2)支持型文化對於訓練遷移具正向影響;(3)自我導向學習對於服務績效具正向影響;(4)支持型文化對於服務績效具正向影響;(5)訓練遷移對服務績效具正向影響;(6)訓練遷移對於自我導向學習與服務績效間具部分中介效果;(7)訓練遷移對於支持型文化與服務績效間具完全中介效果;(8)激勵制度獲得於訓練遷移與服務績效間不具調節效果。本研究成果期望能提供航空服務業用以讓第一線運務員服務績效的提升,在訓練遷移的過程中,加強支持型組織文化塑造,提供自我導向學習之多元學習管道,以提升其工作士氣及效能,建立競爭優勢,創造更優質的服務績效。
In the era of knowledge and economy, many organizations have already noticed that the training of manpower is crucial to improve organizational performance. Especially in the service industry, a more solid educational training is needed in order to improve the competitiveness between the crews in organizations and customer satisfaction. Whether it can migrate effectively and use at work when the organization invested a great amount of capital in training is a big challenge for training department. Therefore, the service performance can be effectively improved by decreasing the barriers in training transfer, if the organizations can think highly of establishing the supportive culture. This research investigates the impact of supportive culture and service performance mediated by training transfer hierarchical regression, and is conducted basing on questionnaires in a domestic「Aviation A」.The findings reveal that (1) Self-directed learning has a positive effect on training transfer. (2) Supportive culture has a positive effect on training transfer. (3) Self-directed learning has a positive impact on service performance. (4) Supportive culture has a positive impact on service performance. (5) Training transfer has apositive impact on service performance. (6)The mediation of training transfer in self-directed learning effecting on service performance is only partial. (7) The mediation of training transfer in supportive culture effecting on service performance is complete. (8) Incentive system has no moderating effects on training transfer influencing service performance .The research result is expected to improve the service performance of the ground crew .In the process of training transfer, strengthening the supportive culture in organizations can enhance the morale and the effectiveness of their work. A better quality of Service Performance will be created by building a competitive advantage.
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