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dc.contributorChien Yuen_US
dc.contributorChun Chieh, Yuen_US
dc.contributor.authorWeng Shao Huanen_US
dc.description.abstract自從財政部於1991年開放了新銀行的設立,銀行業的競爭也愈趨近白熱化,銀行業遭遇了金融商品同質性過高,加上近年來全球的金融風暴,導致我國金融業進入惡性競爭。 在這樣的情況下,銀行從業人員常會因業績不佳或是工作壓力過大而產生離職的念頭。除此之外,2001年保險法與金控法的施行,導致在保險、銀行、證券金融三合一的趨勢之下,更加重了銀行從業人員極高的負擔與壓力。 104人力銀行並統計出銀行從業人員的離職率達到近三成,不但留不住新進人員,甚至是資深的優質員工也會因為遇到瓶頸,無法承受此負擔與壓力而離職或跳槽。而這樣偏高的人員流動率,也將使組織的日常工作活動運作受到影響,除了對於組織人事成本上的增加產生直接影響,也進而/降低了組織士氣與組織知識技能的流失。因此組織如何留住組織這些人才並使其願意為組織犧牲奉獻,變成為現今金融業一大重要課題。本研究中,研究者以組織信任、職場友誼、工作滿足與組織承諾為研究主題,並以S銀行的員工為對象,深入探討相關問題,希望能藉此實證研究,提供組織人力資源發展規劃之參考。 本研究針對S銀行員工進行問卷調查,共發放400份問卷,回收357份問卷,剔除漏答及填答不完整之無效問卷共30份,取得有效問卷327份,有效回收率為81.75%。 本研究根據資料的結果顯示如下: 1. 組織信任對組織承諾有正向影響。 2. 職場友誼對組織承諾有正向影響。 3. 組織信任對工作滿足有正向影響。 4. 職場友誼對工作滿足有正向影響。 5. 工作滿足對組織承諾有正向影響。 6. 組織信任會透過工作滿足對組織承諾產生影響。 7. 職場友誼會透過工作滿足對組織承諾產生影響。 研究結果希望能提供國內金融相關產業了解員工組織信任與職場友誼對組織承諾之影響,以找出能留住好的人才之政策與方針,進而使組織邁向永續經營之目標。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractMinistry of Finance has opened up establishment of new banks since 1991, competition of banking became intense, and the banking encountered high homogeneity of financial goods. Global financial crisis in recent years caused the financial industry go into the vicious competition. Under this situation, workers of banks usually would have ideas that departure from duty when their feats are not good or they receive excessive working pressure. In addition, the insurance Law and financial law were implemented in 2001, and they caused the insurance, banking and securities to be merger, and the workers in the banks have more and more pressure. 104 human banks counts that the turnover rate of workers in the bank reaches to about thirty percent, it means they cannot retain the new staff, and even the senior staffs also have difficulties and leave their duties for other companies because they cannot sustain the burden and pressure. This high turnover rate makes the daily life of the organizations. In the other hand, employee turnover is affective to organizations personnel cost, it may also affect employee morale and lost the skill. Therefore, how to retain those people and make them work hardly, become the most biggest issue in the financial industry. In this research, the researcher use Organizational trust、Workplace friendship、Job satisfaction and Organization commitment as the theme of the research. Take the employee of S Bank as object to investigate interrelated questions deeply. Hope that the research could make organization’s human resource development better. The study used the salespersons from the S Bank insurance company are the target population. A total of 400 questionnaires were send out, and 357 were recovered. After inspecting and screening out questionnaires with incomplete answers, 30 of them were found invalid. Finally the number of valid returned questionnaires is 327, and its response rate was 81.75%. The results are as follows: 1. Organizational trust has significant positive influence on Organization commitment. 2. Workplace friendship has significant positive influence on Organization commitment. 3. Organizational trust has significant positive influence on Job satisfaction. 4. Workplace friendship has significant positive influence on Job satisfaction. 5. Job satisfaction has significant positive influence on Organization commitment. 6. Job satisfaction has a partial mediating effect between Organizational trust and Organization commitment. 7. Job satisfaction has a partial mediating effect between Workplace friendship and Organization commitment. The study conclusion want to make the financial industry to realize the Organizational trust and Workplace friendship is what the influence for the employee, and try to find out the strategy and goals for retaining better employee, then make the organization to sustainable development.en_US
dc.subjectOrganizational trusten_US
dc.subjectWorkplace friendshipen_US
dc.subjectJob satisfactionen_US
dc.subjectOrganization commitmenten_US
dc.title組織信任、職場友誼對承諾影響之研究 ─以工作滿足為中介變項zh_TW
dc.titleA Study of The influence of Organizational Trust and workplace friendship on Organization Commitment - The Mediating Effect of Job Satisfactionen_US
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