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Title: 非營利組織成員參與動機與組織承諾之相關研究-以我國後備軍人輔導組織為例
Research on the Correlation between Participation Motivation and Organizational Commitment of Non-profit Organization Members-A Case Study of Reservist Counseling Organization
Authors: 林弘昌
Keywords: 非營利組織
non-profit organizations
voluntary service
participation motivation
organizational commitment
reservist counseling organization
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 公民社會已經成為現代民主國家社會發展的趨向,民眾常以志願服務者(志工)的角色,參與各類型非營利組織的社會服務工作,由於志工不以薪資報酬為動機趨力且自主性高,致非營利組織常面臨參與意願降低、疏離感增加及流動率偏高等志工管理上的問題。因此,本研究主要目的在於瞭解我國後備軍人輔導組織成員在參與動機與組織承諾的感受認知及相關情形,研究結果以提供相關單位參考。 本研究採問卷調查法,以後備軍人輔導組織成員研究對象,所得資料採描述性統計、t 檢定、單因子變異數分析、薛費事後比較、皮爾森積差相關及多元逐步迴歸等統計方法進行分析,所得主要結論如下: 一、後備軍人輔導組織成員背景具有多樣性及融合性。 二、組織成員的參與動機是多元的而以利他主義最高,部分不同背景變項的組織成員在參與動機上有顯著的差異。 三、組織成員的組織承諾以價值承諾最強,部分不同背景變項的組織成員在組織承諾上有顯著的差異。 四、參與動機與組織承諾之間具有高度的正相關。 五、組織成員的參與動機能夠有效預測組織承諾。
"Civil society" has become the society expanded direction of modern democratic countries. People usually take the role of volunteer service (volunteered social worker) to participate the social service work of all kinds of non-profit organizations. Since the volunteered social workers are not driven by salary or return and are of highly autonomous, non-profit organizations usually have to face and deal with the volunteered social worker management issues such as: the reduction of willingness of participation, the increase of alienated feeling as well as higher quit rate, etc. Therefore, the main purpose of this study is to understand the perceptive cognition and related situation of the participation motivation and organizational commitment of the members of Reservist Counseling Organization. In this study, questionnaire survey method is adopted, and the members of Reservist Counseling Organization are used as the research target. Moreover, the obtained data is analyzed by statistical methods such as: descriptive statistical analysis, independent-sample t test, Pearson product-moment correlation, factorial ANOVA, Scheffe posterior comparison and multiple stepwise regressions. The major obtained conclusions are listed as follows: 1. The members of Reservist Counseling Organization possess background diversity and altruistic fusion. 2. The participation motivations of the organization members are multiple, and the highest one is member of altruism. Some organization members of different background variables have significant difference in the participation motivation. 3. Among the organization commitments of organization members, the value commitment is the highest. Some organization members of different background variables have significant difference in the organizational commitment. 4. Highly positive correlation exits between the participation motivation and organizational commitment. 5. The participation motivation of organizational members can be used to predict organizational commitment effectively.
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