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Title: 職家衝突與組織承諾之相關研究
A Study of the Relationship between Employee's Work and Family Conflict and Organizational Commitment
Authors: 李隆盛
Lung-Sheng Lee
Su-Fen Liu
Keywords: 職家衝突
work and family conflict
supervisory/non-supervisory position
organizational commitment
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 職家衝突(工作與家庭雙向衝突)所造成的壓力,與個人的工作滿意度、工作績效和幸福感等面向有關。組織承諾則可預測員工的行為,組織承諾越高的組織成員,其工作績效與效能相對地也會越高。本研究的目的有二:先探討組織內員工對於職家衝突與組織承諾的高低感受與關聯程度,再將主管/非主管職位作為變項,檢測其在職家衝突與組織承諾之間的調節效果。本研究以運輸業中最具規模的S公司為樣本,發放202份問卷,回收177份有效問卷。研究結果顯示個案公司:(1)員工在「工作家庭衝突」以及「組織承諾」構面,部分背景變項達顯著差異;(2)員工在「家庭工作衝突」僅以時間為基礎的衝突感受達顯著差異,其餘構面無顯著差異; (3)當員工職家衝突的感受程度較高時,其組織承諾的程度會降低,驗證了職家衝突與組織承諾之間的負向關係;和(4)員工職位(主管/非主管)對於職家衝突與組織承諾並不具有調節效果。
The pressure caused by work and family conflict (either work-family or family-work direction) is related to the individual’s aspects such as work satisfaction, work performance and well-being. In addition, organizational commitment can be used to predict the employees’ behavior and found that the higher the organizational commitment is, the better the work performance may be. The two purposes of this study were to explore the relation between work and family conflict and organizational commitment perceived by employees, then to take the variable whether an employee is working in a supervisory position or not to examine what differences it makes when it comes to work and family conflict and organizational commitment. A questionnaire survey was conducted in the most representative company in the transportation service industry. In total, 202 questionnaires were sent out and 177 valid ones were obtained. In terms of the case company, the survey results indicate: (1) Employees’ work-family conflicts and organizational commitment differ significantly due to some different demographic variables of the employees; (2) In various family-work conflicts, the only significant conflict is time-based conflict; (3) The more employee’s work and family conflicts, the less organizational commitment shows that a negative correlation exists between work and family conflict and organizational commitment; and (4) Working in a supervisory position or not has no moderator effect on the relationship between work and family conflict and organizational commitment.
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