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Title: 知識分享、健康素養、社會支持及健康促進之關聯性研究—以難孕婦女社群為例
The Relationship between Knowledge Sharing, Health Literacy, Social Support and Health Promoting–An Example of Infertile Women Community
Authors: 陳怡靜
Chen, Yi-Ching
Chen, Li-Yu
Keywords: 知識分享
Knowledge Sharing
Health Literacy
Social Support
Health Promoting
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 愈來愈多研究意識到病友社群內知識分享對於個人健康促進之影響力,本研究關注其變化歷程,探究健康素養及社會支持在病友社群知識分享對健康促進歷程所扮演之角色。本研究採問卷調查法,以難孕婦女作為研究對象,透過臉書3個難孕、求子或備孕社群蒐集400份有效問卷,對難孕婦女社群內知識分享、健康素養、社會支持及健康促進等研究變項進行分析。研究結果顯示:知識分享對健康素養及健康促進皆具有預測力,健康素養對知識分享與健康促進之關係具有中介效果,及社會支持在難孕婦女社群的知識分享歷程中未發現具有干擾作用,但對健康促進具有正向影響力。依據本研究結果提出實務意涵及建議。
With a growing body of research focusing on the influence of knowledge sharing among patient community on individual health promoting, this study attempts to shed a light on the mechanism by exploring the roles of health literacy and social support in the relationship between knowledge sharing and health promoting. A self-administrated questionnaire has been used for the study. Data were collected from 400 infertile women selecting from 3 different patient communities. This study investigated the relationship between knowledge sharing among infertile women community, health literacy, social support, and health promoting. The results indicate that knowledge sharing hold predictive power for health literacy and health promoting. Furthermore, health literacy mediates the relationship between knowledge sharing and health promoting. Although the moderating effect of social support is not significant in this study, social support still has a positive influence on health promoting. Based on these findings, the practical implications and suggestions are discussed as well.
Other Identifiers: G0897710115
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