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Title: 運用6E模式於STEAM教學活動中對大學生學習成效之研究-以開發樂齡生活科技輔助產品為例
Using 6E Model in STEAM Teaching Activities to Improve University Students’ Learning Effectiveness-A Case of Development Seniors Products by Assistive Technology
Authors: 蕭顯勝
Hsiao, Hsien-Sheng
Chen, Guan-Ru
Keywords: 6E模式
6E model
STEAM teaching
learning effectiveness
Seniors Products by Assistive Technology
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics)教學是一個跨學科整合的教學,每個學科之間存在著相輔相成的關係,培養學生連結理論與真實世界之能力,進而提高學生各項能力。6E模式(Engage, Explore, Explain, Engineer, Enrich, Evaluate)是以學習者為中心的教學模式,強調真實情境的呈現以及設計的核心概念,其融入STEAM教學相當合適。本研究運用6E模式於STEAM教學活動中,探討對大三、四年級學習者在總整課程學習成效(STEAM傾向、STEAM知識、創造力、實作能力及認知結構)之影響,讓學習者體驗高齡者生活,並思考符合高齡者需求之產品及發展價值,設計改善或創新樂齡生活科技輔助產品,利用Arduino相關科技來實作出產品,針對產品去評估是否真的適用於高齡者,藉以提升學生學習成效的完整性,而不是讓學生只知道科技的功能及便利性,卻忽略了如何產生及衍生的問題與影響。本研究對象為大三、四年級,共20位學習者,採前實驗設計之單組前後測設計,研究結果顯示:(1)運用6E模式於STEAM教學活動中有助於提升大學生STEAM傾向、STEAM知識、創造力、實作能力;(2)運用6E模式於STEAM教學活動中使大學生認知結構更加完善。本研究之貢獻為培育大學生製作樂齡生活科技輔助產品,進而提升學習者的學習成效(STEAM傾向、STEAM知識、創造力、實作能力及認知結構),除了基礎理論教學外,更能培養學習者具備創新能力、跨領域能力、產品實作能力,能有效培育能夠進行設計、開發產品與提出創新想法的跨領域工程人才。
STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) teaching was an integrated interdisciplinary teaching improved students' abilities by cultivating student connection theory and the real world. The 6E model (Engagr , Explore, Explain, Engineer, Enrich, Evaluate) was a quite suitable learner-centered teaching model for STEAM teaching. Moreover, the 6E model can help learners to apply knowledge in life. The research used the 6E model in the STEAM teaching activities to explore the learning effectiveness (STEAM tendency, STEAM knowledge, creativity, practical ability, cognitive structure) of college students. This study was mainly designed to innovate seniors’ products by assistive technology. Let learners realize the life of senior citizens and think about products’ development that can satisfy senior citizens. In order to verify the integrity of students’ learning effectiveness, the final seniors products will be evaluated the degree of the suitable for elderly people. The research object was adopted 20 college students and the research design was a one-group pretest posttest design. The results was shown that 6E model in STEAM teaching could improve the college students’ STEAM tendency, STEAM knowledge, creativity, practical ability and cognitive structure. The main contributions of this study were trained college students to produce seniors’ products by assistive technology and improved students' learning effectiveness. In addition to basic theoretical teaching, students can have the ability to innovate cross-domain capabilities, and practical capabilities.
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