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Title: 十二年國教科技領域教師教學專業能力調查研究
The Investigative Study of Technology Teachers’ Professional Teaching Competence In Twelve-year Compulsory Education
Authors: 林弘昌
Lin, Hung-Chang
Lee, Yi-Yin
Keywords: 科技學科教學知識
Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Professional Teaching Competence
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究旨在以科技學科教學知識(Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, TPCK)為基礎架構發展科技領域(生活科技與資訊科技)教師教學專業能力指標並調查科技領域教師教學專業能力現況。首先以文獻分析法蒐集國內、外相關文獻並彙整與分析,擬定教學專業能力指標初稿,再邀請生活科技11位與資訊科技7位,共十八位專家針對教學專業能力指標初稿進行專家座談會,以便蒐羅、統整專家學者之意見,進一步確認教學專業能力指標之構面與重要能力項目之效度及適用度。最後,本研究以發展完成的科技領域教師教學專業能力指標調查全國國民中學與高級中學之現職科技領域教師對於TPCK教學專業能力的重視程度與具備程度,以瞭解現職科技領域教師的教學專業能力現況。 在調查科技領域教師教學專業能力現況中,生活科技部分回收390份問卷,其中有效問卷334份(有效回收率40%);資訊科技部分回收604份問卷,其中有效問卷534份(有效回收率45%)。主要結論如下:(1)以TPCK為基礎架構發展科技領域教師教學專業能力指標;(2)是否擁有合格教師證之科技領域教師所具備的教學專業能力有顯著差異;(3)科技領域教師對教學專業能力的重視程度高於本身的具備程度;(4)科技領域教育資源分配不均。期望本研究的調查結果可以使現職科技領域教師反思其教學能力,並提升現職科技領域教師的教學專業能力以及作為未來師資培育單位在培養師資生的教學專業能力之參考。
The purpose of this study is to develop the Professional Teaching Competence of Technology teachers in middle school and to investigate Technology teachers’ Professional Teaching Competence. To develop Teachers’ Professional Teaching Competence, this study applied Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK) as the main framework to develop the professional competence. In this study, firstly the researcher reviewed both domestic and foreign literature, and then organized and analyzed it to build the competence draft. Secondly the study invited 18 experts to make sure the appropriateness of the Professional Teaching Competence draft for the Technology teachers. Finally, this study investigated the TPCK professional competence of the Junior High School and High School Technology teachers. To collect opinions, questionnaires were sent out to 841 Living Technology Teachers and 1168 Information Technology teachers. Finally, 334 valid questionnaires were obtained by Living Technology Teachers (effective response rate 40%) and 604 valid questionnaires were obtained by Information Technology teachers (effective response rate 45%). The following conclusions were made: (1)Applied TPCK as the main structure to develop the Technology teachers’ Professional Teaching competence. (2)There are significant differences between those Technology teachers with and without teacher's certificate. (3)The Technology teachers value the Professional Teaching Competence more than those they possess. (4)Uneven distribution of Technology Education resources. We expect that the results of the investigation would reflect the current situation of the Technology teachers’ professional competence, and provide some reference for Technology teachers’ training units to improve Technology teachers’ professional teaching competence in the future.
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