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Title: 差序式領導對員工留任意願影響之研究-以組織承諾為中介變項
A Study of Impacts on Employees' Intention to Stay by Differential Leadership:The Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment
Authors: 余鑑
Yu, Chien
Yu, Chun-chieh
Chen, Szu-Hsuan
Keywords: 差序式領導
Differential Leadership
Organizational Commitment
Employees' Intention to Stay
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 領導在組織行為的研究領域中,一直是個相當重要的課題,在企業組織中好的領導者可以決定一個組織的氛圍、員工的忠誠度,甚至是大眾對組織的觀感。而華人企業組織中的領導者具有差序式領導的特殊風格,會因為部屬的才能、忠誠以及關係,將之區分為自己人與外人部屬,並對其產生不同的管理行為與差別對待,這樣偏私的領導風格能夠在華人企業中合理且持續的存在著,是個值得深入探討的議題。本研究中,研究者以差序式領導、組織承諾與留任意願作為研究主題,並以台灣企業服務業之員工為對象深入探討相關問題,希望能藉此實證研究,提供組織人力資源發展規劃之參考。 本研究以台灣企業服務業之員工進行問卷調查,共發放300份問卷,回收258份問卷,剔除漏答及填答不完整之無效問卷共27份,取得有效問卷231份,有效回收率為77%。 本研究根據資料的結果顯示如下:    1. 差序式領導對組織承諾有正向影響。    2. 差序式領導對留任意願有正向影響。    3. 組織承諾對留任意願具有正向影響。    4. 組織承諾會透過差序式領導對留任意願產生影響。 研究結果希望能提供國內企業了解差序式領導對組織承諾與留任意願之影響,藉由差序式的領導風格,達到提升組織承諾與留任意願之成效,最後提出對後續研究與管理實務之建議,以供學術界與實務界之參考。
Leadership in the field of organizational behavior, has been a very important issue in the organization of a good leader determine to organize atmosphere, employee loyalty, and even the public perception of the organization. The Chinese Enterprises leaders usually have a unique differential leadership style, because employee talent, loyalty and the relationship, it will be divided into insiders and outsiders subordinates, and it produces different management practices and discriminatory. This leadership style can be impartial in Chinese enterprises reasonable and there is ongoing, it is a topic worthy of further exploration. In this study, researchers used the differential leadership, organizational commitment and willingness to remain in office as a research topic, and Taiwan enterprises employee services targeted depth discussions related issues. Hoping this empirical research, we can provide a reference to the organization of human resource development planning. The study used the Taiwan enterprises employee services are the target population. A total of 300 questionnaires were send out, and 258 were recovered. After inspecting and screening out questionnaires with incomplete answers, 27 of them were found invalid. Finally the number of valid returned questionnaires is 231, and its response rate was 77%. The results are as follows: 1. Differential leadership has significant positive influence on Organizational commitment. 2. Differential leadership has significant positive influence on Employees' intention to stay. 3. Organizational commitment has significant positive influence on Employees' intention to stay. 4. Organizational commitment has a partial mediating effect between Differential leadership and Employees' intention to stay. The study conclusion want to make the domestic enterprises to realize the Differential leadership and Organizational commitment is what the influence for the employee, and try to find out the strategy and goals for retaining better employee, then make the organization to sustainable development.
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