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Title: 以創作行為及創意成份為基礎的創作表現模式之研究
A Creativity Model Based on Creative Behavior and Creative Component
Authors: 張玉山
Chang, Yu-Shan
Chang, Ya-Fu
Keywords: 創作表現
Theory of Planned Behavior
Componential Theory of Creativity
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討計劃性行為理論與創造力成份理論對創作表現之影響,分析國中學生的計畫性創作行為、創造力成份對創作表現的個別影響與綜合影響,並依據研究結果,提出相關建議。 本研究採取相關研究,以台北市某公立國中的200位八年級與九年級學生作為研究對象,研究工具主要為:學生活動作品、設計學習單、產品創意量表、構想創意評分表、計畫性行為要素量表與創造力成份要素量表。所蒐集的數據資料,以結構方程式進行分析,建構創作行為及創意成份對創作表現影響之結構模式。 本研究的主要結果如下:(1) 計畫性創作行為對國中學生創作表現無顯著直接影響,但具間接影響;(2)創造力成份對國中學生創作表現具有正向影響;(3)國中生計畫性創作行為呈正面傾向;以及(4)國中生創造力成份呈正面傾向。
The purpose of this study was to discuss the effect of Theory of Planned Behavior and Componential Theory of Creativity on student creativity. The study used correlation research method. Participants were 200 8th and 9th grader junior high students in Taipei. Research instruments included students’ products, learning worksheets, product creativity scale, idea crea-tivity scale, planned behavior scale, and creative component scale. For the confirmatory factor analyses of scales and the structural equation mod-eling, AMOS 20.0 software was used. The findings were as follows: (1) Planned behavior had no direct effectts on creative performance but an indirect effect on student creative per-formance; (2) Creative component had positive effects on the junior high students creative performance; (3) Junior high students’ planned creativity behavior had a positive tendency, and (4) Junior high students’ creative component had a positive tendency. Based on research findings, relative recommandations were proposed as well.
Other Identifiers: G060371005H
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