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Title: 範例展示時機對高中生科技創造力與生活科技學習成就之影響
Effects of the Timing of Showing Project Example on Student’s Technological Creativity and Learning Achievement of Technology Education at Senior High School
Authors: 李隆盛
Lee, Lung-Sheng
Chen, Kuan-Yin
Keywords: 範例展示時機
timing of showing project example
technological creativity
learning achievement of technology education
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究旨在了解不同的範例展示時機對高中生科技創造力與生活科技學習成就之影響,採用準實驗研究之不等組前後測設計,以臺北市立某高級中學11年級之學生作為研究對象,共計134人;兩組接受為期五週,共10節課的教學實驗課程。兩組研究工具皆相同,兩組皆以先前的實作活動作品成績作為前測分數,教學實驗中,實驗組先進行第一次設計再觀看範例,控制組則先觀看範例再進行第一次的設計,最後由專家利用產品創意評量表進行後測的評分。本研究得到以下結論:(1)將範例時機置於設計階段之後,可以提升學生的科技創造力;(2)未看過範例即進行設計之學生,在設計上較多樣且具獨創性,但看過範例再進行設計的學生作品精緻度較佳;(3)學生在解決問題時,會以較便利快速的方法為優先,尤其是在作品已經完成後才遇到的問題,較趨向尋求直接明瞭的答案。
This study aimed to explore the impact of the timing of project showing on student’s technological creativity and learning achievement of technology education at senior high school. Employing a qua-si-experimental of nonequivalent pretest-posttest control group design, this study selected 134 students of 11th graders in a senior high in Taipei as the subject. Subjects were assigned to two groups (experimental and control) and experienced a five-week or 10-teaching-hour course. Two groups used the same research tools, and their former unit scores were used as their pre-test scores. During their courses, the experimental group carried out the first design before seeing a project example while the control group was shown a project example first. Finally, the ex-perts used a product creativity inventor to judge students’ projects and to give them marks. Consequently, the conclusions of this study are as follows: (1) Showing an example after design can enhance students’ technological creativity. (2) The students who did not see an example before conducting their design demonstrate more variety and better orig-inality in design. However, the students who see an example before con-ducting their design make more exquisite project. (3) During solving problems, the students intend to choose more convenient and quicker way; especially, they intend to seek direct and obvious solutions when problems come after their projects are finished.
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