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Title: 知覺組織支持、情緒智力對組織承諾之影響-以工作滿足為中介變項
The Organizational Commitment from Perceived Organizational Support and Emotional Intelligence- to Job Satisfaction as a Mediation Variable
Authors: 余鑑、于俊傑
Yu, Chien ,Yu, Chin-Cheh
Wu, Wan-Ru
Keywords: 知覺組織支持
perceived organizational support
emotional intelligence
organizational commitment
job satisfaction
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 自民國95年起,國際化石燃料價格大漲,嚴重衝擊了電業的經營環境,為了確保電力事業的永續經營,台電公司針對電業的特性,規劃各種人力運用機制,來厚植永續經營的實力。正因如此,員工接受越來越多的挑戰,員工更容易受到挫敗與工作不順利。員工應該要調整自身情緒,以免破壞工作氣氛。為了保障每位員工一個工作安全的工作環境,組織應適當的給予工作的支持,讓員工感受到組織負責任的態度與照顧,並滿足員工對公司的期許並產生情感依附,使員工與公司能一起成長茁壯。因此,研究之目的在於探討台電公司員工知覺組織支持、情緒智力對組織承諾的影響。 本研究以台電公司南部某發力電廠為研究對象,採用問卷調查法,以便利抽樣方式共發放320份問卷,刪除無效問卷後,共計回收319份有效樣本。由本研究整理得以下結果(1)知覺組織支持、情緒智力對工作滿足有正向影響(2)知覺組織支持、情緒智力、工作滿足對組織承諾有正向影響(3)工作滿足於知覺組織支持、情緒智力與組織承諾間具有部分中介效果。結論建議:員工應調整心態以面對未知的挑戰,也希望組織能夠給予工員工適當的協助,以提升員工滿足於工作現況,進而增加員工對組織的承諾。
Since 2006, international fossil fuel prices rose, severe electrical shock of the operating environment, in order to ensure sustainable development of the power industry, organization in relation to the power industry characteristics, planning of human use of mechanisms to enhance the company's sustainable strength. That is why employees receive more and more challenges, more vulnerable to defeat and were not going well. Employees should adjust itself emotions, so as not to undermine the working atmosphere. In order to ensure that each employee a job safe working environment, the organization should be adequate to support the work, let employees feel the organization responsible attitude and care, and to satisfies the staff and has the emotion attachment causes employees and companies grow together. Thus, the purpose of the study is to explore staff perceived organizational support、emotional intelligence impact on organizational commitment capability is an important factor for the organization competition. It has been attention recently. If enterprises improve the key dedicated driving force of innovative behavior, employee performance will be better and achieve the goals of business growth. This study adopted questionnaire, southern Taiwan Power Company plant for the study, the total of the valid samples are 319. Study found that (1)Perceived organizational support、emotional intelligence shows significant positive effects on the job satisfaction(2)Perceived organizational support、emotional intelligence、job satisfaction shows significant positive effects on the organizational commitment(3)The job satisfaction has mediation effect between perceived organizational support and emotional intelligence.
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