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Title: 中高階獵才顧問專業職能量表建構之研究
The Development of the Professional Competency Scale for the Executive Search Consultants
Authors: 朱益賢
Yu, Shiang-Mei
Keywords: 中高階獵才顧問
Executive Search Consultant
Professional Competency
Modified-Delphi Method
Competency Scale
Literature Analysis Method
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 在這瞬息萬變的時代,企業間的競爭越加劇烈,為保持競爭力與競爭優勢,全球各大企業紛紛展開人才的爭奪戰,而委託專業中高階獵才顧問公司來招募中高階專業人才,已是一些企業解決人才荒的途徑。目前中高階獵才顧問產業已經被業界廣泛認可,但鮮少有人探討其顧問之工作內容與程序及勝任顧問一職所需之專業職能。 本研究以文件分析法及修正型德菲調查法為主(Modified Delphi Method),先透過文件分析法,探討中高階獵才顧問之工作內容,將其工作內容建構並發展成修正型德菲調查問卷之初稿。再透過修正型德菲調查法,蒐集來自23位中高階獵才顧問專家之意見,擬定出40項屬於中高階獵才顧問之專業職能。研究結果發現,中高階獵才顧問專業職能指標「對公司內部負責」部分可細分為12項指標,「與候選人維繫關係」部分可細分為15項指標,而「對客戶負責」部分可細分為13項指標;其中以整體重要程度排序,「與候選人維繫關係」的專業職能最為重要,其次為「對客戶負責」的專業職能,最後是「對公司內部負責」相關的專業職能。
In this rapidly-changing era, the competition between enterprises is getting intensively. In order to keep the advantage of competitiveness, the global enterprises unearth talents actively. Many enterprises use executive searching service for employee recruitment and selection. Although the usefulness of executive search service is well recognized and broadly implemented in our society, few people discuss the workflow of executive search consultant (ESC) and its professional competency. The main methods applied in this study were Literature Analysis Method and Modified-Delphi Method. Explore the workflow of ESCs through Literature Analysis Method, and construct it into the first draft of Modified Delphi questionnaire. And then invite 23 senior ESCs participated in the investigation, to work out 40 professional competency indexes of ESCs. The result of this study has shown that there were three main domains of ESC's professional competency: being responsible to the internal of the company, maintaining relationship with candidates and being responsible to customers. They are composed of 12, 15 and 13 indexes respectively. Among these domains, we can figure out that the professional competency of maintaing relationship with candidates is the most important, the secondary important is being responsible to customers, and the last is being responsible to co-workers.
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