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Title: 個人與組織適配、知覺主管支持對敬業貢獻與組織公民行為之影響
The Influence of Person-Organization Fit, Perceived Supervisor Support on Work Engagement and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Authors: 余鑑
Yu, Chien
Yu, Chin-Cheh
Chen, Ying-Jie
Keywords: 個人與組織適配
person-organization fit
perceived supervisor support
work engagement
organizational citizenship behavior
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 「人」是企業組織運作的根本,當人才的流失高於企業遞補人力的速度,將使得企業難以持續下去,因此如何降低員工流失,以及增進人才吸引力便成為一個重要的問題。而擁有組織公民行為的員工會維護公司形象或主動澄清他人對組織看法的誤會,讓人才減少錯誤的組織資訊(Farh, Earley,& Lin, 1997: 421, 428),並能促進團隊和諧、吸引優秀人才、提升員工留任意願、組織適應力等(Podsakoff, MacKenzie, Paine, & Bachrach, 2000: 543)。這尤以銀行服務業對組織公民行為的影響較一般服務業、製造業、營建業為顯著(Shin, 2012)。因此本研究著重在金融服務產業的組織公民行為。 本研究旨在探討員工個人與組織適配、知覺主管支持、敬業貢獻與組織公民行為之間的關聯;並以敬業貢獻為中介變項,運用層級迴歸來分析敬業貢獻在個人與組織適配、知覺主管支持與組織公民行為之間的中介效果;以及以知覺主管支持為調節變項,分析知覺主管支持在個人與組織適配及組織公民行為之間是否具有調節效果。此外,本研究以金融服務業員工為研究對象,採用便利抽樣方法進行問卷調查,共取得512個有效樣本。 研究結果發現:(1) 個人與組織適配對敬業貢獻有正向影響,(2) 知覺主管支持對敬業貢獻有正向影響,(3) 個人與組織適配對組織公民行為有正向影響,(4) 知覺主管支持對組織公民行為有正向影響,(5) 敬業貢獻對組織公民行為有正向影響,(6) 敬業貢獻在個人與組織適配及組織公民行為間具有部分中介效果,(7) 敬業貢獻在知覺主管支持及組織公民行為間具有部分中介效果,(8) 知覺主管支持對個人與組織適配影響組織公民行為具有正向調節效果。期望透過本研究能提供企業管理者在人才管理上之參考,協助組織有效運作。
“People” is the root of organization operation. Difficulties therefore arise when the outflow of talent exceeds the business’ ability to replace it. Thus, means of decreasing the rate of employee outflow, and attracting talent are crucial issues. Employees, when exhibiting organizational citizenship behavior, actively maintain the image of the business or clarify others’ misunderstandings of the organization(Farh, Earley,& Lin, 1997). This not only decreases problems related to the misinterpretation of information, but also promotes teamwork, attracts talent, enhances employees’ intention in staying with the organization, and increases employees’ adaptation to the organization(Podsakoff, MacKenzie, Paine, & Bachrach, 2000). The effects of organizational citizenship behavior are more evident in the financial sector than in other industries such as general services, manufacturing, and construction(Shin, 2012). Therefore, this study focuses on the organizational citizenship behavior exhibited by financial service workers. This study aims to examine the correlation among person-organization fit, perceived supervisor support, work engagement and organizational citizenship behavior. Work engagement is served as the mediation variable. Hierarchical regression is used to analyze the mediation effect coming from work engagement in person-organization fit, perceived supervisor support and organizational citizenship behavior. Meanwhile, perceived supervisor support is the moderator variable to analyze the effects between person-organization fit and organizational citizenship behavior. In addition, this study used financial service workers as research subjects. We acquired 512 valid samples by distributing questionnaires through convenience sampling.The results showed: (1) Person-organization fit have a positive impact on work engagement. (2) Perceived supervisor support has a positive impact on work engagement. (3) Person-organization fit has a positive impact on organizational citizenship behavior. (4) Perceived supervisor support has a positive impact on organizational citizenship behavior. (5) Work engagement has a positive impact on organizational citizenship behavior. (6) The mediation of work engagement in person-organization fit effecting on organizational citizenship behavior is only partial. (7) The mediation of work engagement in perceived supervisor support effecting on organizational citizenship behavior is only partial. (8) Perceived supervisor support has positive moderating effects on person-organization fit influencing organizational citizenship behavior. It is the hope of this study to provide valuable reference related to human resource management for the improved operation of organizations.
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