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Title: 3D繪圖教學對學生空間能力與表徵能力影響之研究
The Effects of 3D CAD Teaching on Students’ Spatial Ability and Representational Ability
Authors: 張玉山
Chang, Yu-Shan
Yang, Chin-Chiao
Keywords: 3D 繪圖
spatial ability
representational ability
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 3D 繪圖教學對學生空間能力與表徵能力影響之研究 研究生:楊謦鮫 指導教授:張玉山 中文摘要 本研究旨在探討3D 繪圖教學對學生空間能力與表徵能力的影響, 以提供日後推動3D 繪圖應用教學之參考。研究者以實驗研究法之「不 等組前後測準實驗設計」,以臺北市某高中一年級學生為研究對象,共計 二百一十五位學生,接受為期八週十六堂課的實驗課程,實驗組以3D 繪 圖教學方式授課,對照組以傳統講述式教學方式授課。 研究工具包含「空間能力量表」及「表徵能力量表」。所得到的資料 採用單因子共變數分析。本研究主要發現如下: 1. 3D 繪圖教學對學生的立體旋轉空間定位能力有正面效果。 2. 3D 繪圖教學對學生的平面旋轉空間定位能力有正面效果。 3. 3D 繪圖教學對學生的圖形對應空間視覺能力有正面效果。 4. 3D 繪圖教學對學生的表面相交線形成空間感觀能力有正面效果。 5. 3D 繪圖教學對學生圖像表徵能力有正面效果。 6. 3D 繪圖教學對學生符號表徵能力沒有正面效果。 最後,本研究根據研究發現,提出建議事項,供相關單位人員在教 學應用及後續學術研究之參考。 關鍵詞:3D 繪圖、空間能力、表徵能力。
The purpose of this research was to examine effects of 3D CAD teaching on students’ spatial ability and representational ability. A nonequivalent quasi-experimental and pretest-posttest research design was adapted in this research. The research subjects were 215 high school students in Taipei. The teaching experiment was conducted for a period of eight weeks sixteen lesson courses. The experimental group employed 3D CAD teaching as the teaching strategy. The control group, on the other hand, had a conventional teaching method. The research instruments included ‘Spatial Ability Scale’ and ‘Representational Ability Scale’. The ANOVA was used to analyze data collected in this research. Those main findings of this research were as follows: 1. 3D CAD teaching has a positive effect on participant students’ rotating three-dimensional spatial orientation ability. 2. 3D CAD teaching has a positive effect on participant students’ plane rotation spatial orientation ability. 3. 3D CAD teaching has a positive effect on participant students’ design correspondence spatial visualization ability. 4. 3D CAD teaching has a positive effect on participant students’ forming space surface intersection line sensory ability. According to the findings of this research, recommendations for teaching practice application and future studies were proposed as well. Keywords:3D CAD、spatial ability、representational ability
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