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Title: 人力資源發展部門員工專業職能養成方式之研究-以C電信公司為例
A Study of the Methods to Cultivate HRD Employees’ Professional Competencies – Use C Telecom Company as an Example
Authors: 朱益賢
Chu, yih-hisien
LI, Cheng-Jing
Keywords: HRD部門員工
HRD department’s employee
professional competencies
competency cultivation
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 目前國內外有關專業職能的研究,多以職能構面理論為基礎,養成的方式則沒有明確的對應及架構,因為推行職能時,往往因為對於養成方式的選擇不了解,而使專業職能的推動窒礙難行。因此當企業進行人力資源發展部門員工的專業職能養成時,選擇適當的養成方式加以進行,是有其必要性。 本研究之C電信企業HRD部門所有員工進行自行發展問卷施測,問卷內容將11種養成方式各別對應到10個專業職能構面作為題項。研究結果將作為整體人力資源發展部門員工認為最適合之養成方式,可作為未來C電信公司未來發展的參考。
Recently, the research on professional competencies in internal and abroad is based on competency models, and there is no clear correspondence and structure in the way of development. When developing competency models, they often do not understand: to choose which cultivation methods is better. Thus, promoting professional competencies become more difficult. Therefore, when the enterprise cultivate HRD department employees’ professional competencies, selecting the appropriate way to cultivate, is really necessary. In this study, all employee of HRD department of C telecom company were have self-development questionnaire survey, and the contents of the questionnaire correspond to 10 professional competencies. The results are as follows, concluding the most suitable cultivation method for each professional competencies,and the most suitable way to cultivate, can be used as a future C telecommunications company's future development reference.
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