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Title: 國中工程設計取向科技教育教學活動設計與實施成效之研究
A Study of The Design And Effect of Engineering-Design Concept Technology Education And Instructional Activities
Authors: 方崇雄
Chung-Hsiung Fang
Chia-Ming Kuo
Keywords: 工程設計取向
Engineering-Design Concept
Technology Education
Instructional Activities
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國中工程設計取向科教育的理念與現況,依此發展教學策略與教學活動,並實施教學實驗以驗證學習成效及了解學生反應,以作為未來國中開設工程設計取向科技教育課程之參考。為了達成研究目的,採用文獻分析與準實驗研究法,先探討相關文獻以建立工程設計取向科技教育的理論基礎,再發展工程設計取向教學策略與教學活動,經實驗教學後,利用平均數、標準差與共變數分析等方法進行資料分析,最後得到以下結論: 一、國中工程設計取向科技教育之理念乃是因面臨未來新興科技與工程的挑戰,工程教育不應只停留於大學階段,應要往下紮根,在國中階段可經由工程與科技教育合作來培養工程設計等工程基礎的概念。 二、國中工程設計取向科技教育之教學策略乃為一系列的教學步驟,在教學過程中應融合工程設計的基本概念。 三、國中階段工程設計取向的科技教育教材與教學活動的發展,應選擇日常生活上較易接觸的主題,同時教學活動的設計可依循科技教育教學活動的設計原則來進行。 四、實施工程設計取向教學策略之學生其學習成效優於實施問題解決取向教學策略之學生。 五、工程設計取向教學策略適用於不同性別學生的學習。 六、實驗組學生對工程設計取向教學策略有良好的學習反應。
The main purpose of this study was to explore the idea and status of middle school engineering-design concept technology education, to develop the instructional strategies and learning activities, and to verify the learning results and reaction of students. The research methodologies of literature review and quasi-experiment were used in this study. The data was collected and analyzed by statistic methods of average, standard division, and ANCOVA. The final results of this study were as follows: 1.For encountering the future challenges of novel technology and engineering, the engineering education could start from middle school level rather than only in higher education level. And, the middle school engineering education should cooperate with technology education to foster students’ engineering-based concept, as engineering-design concept, and so forth. 2.The instructional strategies of middle school engineering-concept technology were a set of instructional steps and process involved with engineering-design concept. 3.The development of curriculum and instructional activities of middle school engineering-design concept technology education should apply the easily-understanding and engineering-related topics in lives. Meanwhile, the design of instructional activities could obey the principles of instructional activities design in technology education. 4.Through engineering-design concept instructional strategies, the experimental group had better learning efficiency. 5.Engineering-design concept instructional strategy is suitable for both genders. 6.The experimental group has well learning reaction from the engineering-design concept instructional strategies.
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