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dc.contributorLung-Sheng Leeen_US
dc.contributor.authorKuan-Yu Chenen_US
dc.description.abstract中文摘要 本研究目的在了解企業應用能力模式於課程設計的背景與實務,並根據研究結果提供實務界以及後續研究者具體結論與建議。藉由質化研究中的多重個案研究策略探討五家個案公司將能力模式應用於課程設計的實際情況,並透過個案訪談的方式,收集、整理、分析、與討論各個案公司資料,歸納出本研究結果。本研究結論為:(1)企業對於能力模式的認知大致相同,但應用的範圍與層次因組織環境與需求之不同而有所差異;(2)企業對於能力本位課程之看法主要可分為以能力類群為規劃主軸的垂直式,以及以工作職位為規劃主軸的水平式;(3)企業應用能力模式於課程設計的動機在於希望能讓課程設計更為科學化,使訓練活動能確實幫助組織成長;(4)能力模式的應用,使得課程設計工作更需檢視組織環境情況,並考量能力的發展內涵與學員個別化的行為學習模式;(5)應用能力模式的課程設計工作流程,主要包括能力需求與訓練差距的分析以及能力學習方案與活動規劃兩個工作重點。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractABSTRACT The purposes of this study were to explore the background and practice of applying competency model in the curriculum design for enterprises, and to provide the concrete conclusions and suggestions to practitioners and further studies. Through the multiple case studies of the qualitative research, this study examined five cases applying the competency model in the authentic situation of the curriculum design. The consequences of study were obtained by way of gathering, arranging, analyzing, and discussing form the visiting cases. The main conclusions of this study were: (1) There were similar recognitions for the competency model between enterprises, but their application scopes and levels are varied due to the difference of the organizational environment and demand. (2) The perception of competency-based curriculum can be classified into the vertical design depending on the competency clusters and the horizontal design depending on the work position. (3) The motivations about the application make the curriculum design be more scientific and also contributed the organizational growth. (4) The applications of the competency model affecting the curriculum design work were not only the examination of the organizational condition of operation, but also the concern of the development of competency content and the individualization of trainee’s learning. (5) Two keypoints of curriculum design applying competency model include the analysis for competency demand and training need, as well as the planning of competency learning programs and activities.en_US
dc.subjectcompetency modelen_US
dc.subjectcurriculum designen_US
dc.subjecthuman resource developmenten_US
dc.titleA Study of Application of Competency Model in Curriculum Design for Enterprisesen_US
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