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Title: 科技業業務工程師的情緒勞務管控:以工作績效、工作滿意度為中介變項探究組織承諾之關係
An Investigation between the Relationship of Regulating Emotional Labor and Organizational Commitment with Job Performance and Job Satisfactions as Mediator in Sales Engineers
Authors: 林坤誼
Lin, Kuen-Yi
Lin, Chin-Hsuan
Keywords: 情緒勞務
emotional labor
job satisfaction
surface acting
deep acting
job performance
organizational commitment
sales engineer
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 科技業裡最重要的職位之一為工程師,在這日新月異的時代,無論什麼工作類別,都需要做好情緒勞務管控。業務工程師也不例外,其不僅要維護好同事間的關係及跨部門的溝通,更需具備與主管協調的能力,根據Shenhar(1994),這就是一位成功的業務工程師。如何使業務工程師永續留任,變成許多企業及人資單位的一大難題,其工作滿意度同時扮演著重大的角色。本研究著重在探討情緒勞務管控與組織承諾的關係並以工作滿意度與工作績效為中介變項進行探究。本研究針對C字號科技業公司的業務工程師之工作行為表徵進行探究,採用情緒勞務、組織承諾、與工作滿意度三份問卷,並使用公司內部工作績效資料,隨機抽取樣本131名,做為正式施測對象,回收127個樣本,有效回收率96.95%。本研究使用內部一致性分析、描述性統計分析、因素分析、獨立樣本t檢定與多元迴歸分析等方式進行統計分析,研究結果發現情緒勞務對於組織承諾有正向顯著影響力,而工作滿意度在情緒勞務與組織承諾中扮演著部份中介變項的角色,工作績效對於組織承諾並無有顯著性效果。從結果中,本研究建議後續公司加強員工對於情緒勞務的內化以提升組織承諾,並適時關懷員工工作滿意程度,以助於企業未來永續留任與相關教育訓練的推廣。
Nowadays, everyone should be able to manage and regulate their emotions no matter which kind of industries they are in. Sales engineer as well, as one of the most important occupations in the technology industries. According to Shenhar (1994), a good sales engineer should not only have the skills to maintain good relationships with the colleagues and the communication between different department but also the ability to coordinate with their supervisors. To keep the sales engineers in the company has become a big issue for many enterprises. This study focuses on the relationship between emotional labor and organizational commitment with job satisfaction and job performance act as mediators. This study orchestrated 131 sampled sales engineers from C Technology Corporation (127 qualified samples, 96.95% effective response rate through questionnaires and statistics analysis using methods including coefficient of internal consistency, descriptive statistics, factor analysis, independent-sample T test, and multiple regression analysis with finding shows that emotional labor is positively significant to organizational commitment. Job satisfaction acted as a mediator between emotional labor and organizational commitment. The result shows no significance between organizational commitment and job performance. With this finding, this study shows some light by suggesting strengthen emotional labor job training so that employees can improve their feelings toward the organization and finally strengthen the sustainable operations.
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