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Title: 公立大學教師兼任行政職行為、行為意圖及其相關因素之研究
A Study of Behavior, Behavioral Intention and Related Factors to Serve as Faculty Administrators in Public Universities
Authors: 李隆盛
Lee, Lung-Sheng
Lin, Chia-Erh
Keywords: 公立大學教師
public university
serve as faculty administrators
theory of planning behavior
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 大學教師有教學、輔導、研究和服務的職責,兼任學校行政職是服務的一環,但教學、輔導、研究及其他服務工作考量,都可能是教師兼任行政職的拉力或推力。本研究目的在探討公立大學教師兼任行政職的現況,並透過計畫行為理論,了解公立大學教師兼任行政職的行為及行為意圖與其相關因素。本研究以北部某公立大學2016學年度第2學期798位專任教師為調查對象,依學院和學系別,採分層便利取樣進行問卷調查。回收問卷資料經描述、t檢定、單因子變異數分析及迴歸分析等統計方法處理,結果發現:(1)公立大學教師對兼任行政職的行為意圖偏低;(2)公立大學教師對兼任行政職的態度、主觀規範及知覺行為控制程度為中高;(3)公立大學教師的學校行政經歷愈長其兼任行政職之行為意圖愈高,但教學年資則與意圖無關;(4)公立大學教師兼任行政職的行為和行為意圖可由教師態度、主觀規範及知覺行為控制預測;(5)公立大學教師兼任行政職的行為會受行為意圖及知覺行為控制愈高,愈可能兼任行政職。最後依研究結果研提出建議,提供大學做規劃校務營運及教師人力發展策略之參考。
Providing instruction, guidance, research and services are university faculty’s responsibilities and serving as part-time administrators is a realm of services. However the considerations of instruction, guidance, research and other service could promote or hinder faculty to serve as a part-time administration. This study aimed to investigate the current situations of public university faculty serving as part-time administrators and to understand the behavior, behavioral intentions and other related factors to serve as faculty administrations by using the theory. In total of 798 full-time faculty of a public university in the northern Taiwan were surveyed in 2016. The questionnaire survey is conducted in grouping of colleges and departments. The collected data were analyzed by t test, ANOVA, and regression analysis. The results are as follows: (1)The behavioral intention is low for the faculty to serve as faculty administrators in public universities. (2)The attitude, subjective norms and perceptual behavior control of faculty serve as faculty administrators in public universities are medium to high. (3)The more experiences in serving as faculty administrators in public universities that faculty do, the higher behavioral intentions increase. However, it is irrelevant to the length of teaching years. (4)The behavior and behavioral intentions of the faculty to serve as part-time administrators in public universities can be predicted by their attitudes, subjective norms and perceptual behavior control. (5)There is more probability to serve as faculty administrators in public universities if perceptual behavior is higher controlled. The conclusions of this study may provide a reference for planning of university operation and developing the strategies of faculty human resource.
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